Ideas usefully applied

For us, innovation is the process of turning ideas into impact to address the biggest and most pressing challenges related to climate change.

To have a zero-carbon future, we need to rethink every single human activity. We believe that innovation is fundamental to achieve this.

This is what we will be doing in our centre for climate change innovation. We will work on key climate change challenges, bringing together broad communities to generate ideas that can then be applied in the real world. Technical innovation, policy innovation, social innovation. It will all be important in addressing the causes and effects of climate change.

Meet our entrepreneurs

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Podcast: Accelerating to a Better Future

Tune in to hear from academics and entrepreneurs who are setting up businesses that tackle some of the great climate and environmental challenges facing the world. Find out more about the podcast.

Audience at Ri's lecture theatre

Ri's christmas lectures

The Christmas lectures are the Ri’s most famous, demonstration-based science events for young people. John Tyndall, whose research at the Ri in the mid-nineteenth century established the principles of climate change by identifying what we know of today as greenhouse gases, gave christmas lectures series himself.

The 2020 series given by Prof Chris Jackson, Dr Helen Czerski and Dr Tara Shine gave us a unique ‘user’s guide’ to Planet Earth.