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1998 News Releases

-Imperial College research earnings beat Oxford's boast
Imperial's figure of 117 million in research earnings tops Oxford's figure by 3 million - Press Release - 23 December 1998

-Total Purchasing Project Shows Way Forward
Press Release - 24 November 1998

-Meningitis press statement
Press Release - 29 October 1998

-Greece Hosts Imperial College Forum
Press Release - 21 September 1998

-Experts to Air New Aerosol Research at International Conference
Press Release - 4 September 1998

-Changing role demands new name
Press Release - 28 August 1998

-Bokharan Doctors Visit Hammersmith Hospital in Healthcare Exchange
Press Release - 24 July 1998

-New vision of star formation
Press Release - 15 July 1998

-Imperial's new Professor of Transport and Infrastructure
Press Release - 13 July 1998

-New research shows pressing need for pan-London drugs strategy
Press Release - 9 June 1998

-Surfing Improves the Quality of Life of Older People
Press Release - 28 May 1998

-1998 Fellows of Imperial College
Press Release - 22 May 1998

-International educationalist challenges Britain's view of the digital age in the classroom
Press Release - 19 May 1998

-'Lab on a Chip' set to revolutionise chemical analysis
Press Release - 15 May 1998

-Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation forms Strategic Alliance with Imperial College
Press Release - 13 May 1998

-New theory explains why horses bleed during exercise
Press Release - 27 April 1998

-Lift off for high fliers (GETSET 98)
Press Release - 17 April 1998

-Engineering design ace to become Imperial College professor
Press Release - 24 February 1998

-Imperial to help EU tackle smoking
Press Release - 18 February 1998

-The Effects of Changes in Solar Ultra-Violet Emission on Climate
Press Release - 14 February 1998

-Sinfonia 21 Residency at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
Press Release - 7 January 1998