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Programme for the Anglo-Japanese Healthcare Conference - Thursday 29 - Saturday 31 March 2001

The Future of Medical Technology: 2001-2010

The Anglo-Japanese Healthcare Conference

Thursday 29 - Saturday 31 March 2001
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, Exhibition Road, London.

Genomics, electronic patient care and other emerging medical technologies will have an increasing impact on all our lives and key scientists at the centre of these developments are gathering at Imperial College to discuss the direction and consequences of their work.

Over one hundred selected international delegates from industry, government and education in Japan, UK, the USA and other countries will attend the conference to better understand the impact of this technology.

Across three days they will discuss the medical benefits of genomics, technology to empower doctors and patients, tissue engineering and the rebuilding of man, and the impact of all these technologies on medical education.

This is the third conference and first time it has been held in Britain. It is sponsored by the British Council, Okayama International Medical Engineering Forum, Suzuken Memorial Foundation, the Department of Biological and Medical Systems and School of Management, Imperial College, com.Medica and PatientView.

Programme Day One: Thursday 29 March 2001

08.30 Registration and refreshments

09.00 Welcome address by representative from Imperial College

09.15 Welcome address by The Rt Hon Sir Richard Needham, Chairman, Biocompatibles Ltd, Deputy Chairman of Dyson Ltd and Chairman of Gleneagles UK Ltd

Session 1: The impact of technology on healthcare

Chair: Professor Richard Kitney and Professor Fumihiko Kajiya

09.30 Keynote address:

  • The impact of technology on healthcare
  • Where do we go from here?
  • The ethical issues

The Rt Hon Virginia Bottomley, JP, Member of Parliament for Surrey South West, and former Secretary of State for Health

9.50 Commentator 1:

· The economy and healthcare

Dr Poosana Premanoch, former Minister of Health, Thailand

10.00 Commentator 2:

· The impact of the ageing society

Kyoko Kitazawa, Deputy Editor, Nikkei Medical

10.10 Commentator 3:

· How technologies will impact our ageing societies

Mitch Green, General Manager, Development Division, Half Century More Co Ltd

10.20 Questions and discussions

10.50 Refreshments

Session 2: The future of medical education

Chair: Professor David Norburn, Founding Director, The Management School, Imperial College

11.20 Keynote address:

· E-health medical education · The future medical student

Dr Rifat Atun, Director of the Health Management Programme and Senior Lecturer in Health Management, School of Management, Imperial College

11.40 Commentator 1:

· About

Martin Godfrey, Vice-President, Marketing,

11.50 Commentator 2:

·Perspectives of Japanese medical education

Professor Tadahiko Kozu, Department of Medical Education and Department of Gastroenterology, Tokyo Womens Medical University School of Medicine

12.05 Questions and discussions

12.45 Lunch

Session 3: Tissue engineering, tissue replacement and the rebuilding of man

Chair: John Robinson, Chairman, George Wimpey plc, Low and Bonar plc, and RJB Mining plc. Chairman of the Healthcare Sector Group of the Overseas Projects Board (Department of Trade and Industry), and former Chairman, Smith & Nephew; Professor Kazuo Tanishita, Department of System Design Engineering, Keio University

14.30 Keynote address:

· The new technologies · Improvements in survival and lifestyle · The relevance of these technologies to medical innovation

Professor David Williams, Clinical Engineering, University of Liverpool, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool

15.00 Commentator 1:

· Cell sheets engineering for tissue reconstruction

Professor Teruo Okano, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Tokyo Womens Medical University School of Medicine

15.10 Commentator 2:

· The main goal of tissue and cellular engineering

Professor Carmelina Ruggiero, Bioengineering and Medical Informatics, University of Genoa, Italy

15.20 Questions and discussions

16.00 Tea

Session 4: Drug multinationals as innovators

Chair: Dr Alexandra Wyke, Managing Director, PatientView

16.30 Keynote address:

· How innovation used to be · The forces of change · Where does that leave the drug multinational? · The importance of the entrepreneur in medical research and outsourcing

Dr Allan Baxter, Director, Group Discovery, GlaxoSmithKline

17.10 Questions and discussions

17.40 Open panel discussion: Is technology good or bad for health?

Chair: Professor Nicholas Bosanquet, Health Policy, Imperial College; Professor Motoaki Sugawara, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Tokyo Womens Medical University School of Medicine

18.30 Drinks at Imperial College

Guest speaker: Professor Susan Greenfield, Director, the Royal Institute of Great Britain

Programme Day Two: Friday 30 March 2001

09.15 Organisers summary of the previous days events by Professor Kitney

Session 5: Medical information, telecommunications and the Internet*or how technology improves standards of care and empowers patients

Chair: Professor Chris Toumazou, Analog Electronics Group, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Imperial College; Professor Yohsuke Kinouchi, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokushima

09.30 Keynote address:

· New forms of accessible media · Reviewing the infrastructure of healthcare

Professor Richard Kitney, Department of Biological and Medical Systems, Imperial College

09.50 Commentator 1:

· Tele-echo system: Internet and medical ultrasound

Professor Kunihiro Chihara, Graduate School of Information Science, and Director, Research Centre of Advanced Science and Technology, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

10.00 Commentator 2:

· The medical applications of network technology

Dr John Baruch, Cybernetics and Medical Informatics, Bradford University.

10.10 Questions and discussions

10.40 Refreshments

Session 6: Imaging and visualisation*the impact on hospitals and medicine

Chair: Professor Ken-ichi Yamakoshi, Department of Human and Mechanical Systems Engineering, Kanazawa University; Professor Tsuyoshi Shiina, Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics, University of Tsukuba

11.30 Keynote address:

· The new generation of imaging equipment · Sending images over the Web · Empowering radiologists · CAD/CAM in the OR*set to change?

Professor Forbes Dewey, MIT, Boston, founder and co-director, with Professor Richard Kitney, of the International Consortium for Medical Imaging Technology

12.00 Commentator 1:

· Echocardiography 2001: Impact on hospitals and medicine

Professor Kiyoshi Yoshida, Department of Cardiology, Kawasaki Medical School

12.10 Commentator 2:

· Imaging and visualisation over the Internet

Martin Hardens, Vice-President, Corporate Development, PlanetMedica

12.20 Questions and discussions

13.00 Lunch

Session 7: Genomics, the human genome and gene therapy *their meaning for pharmaceutical innovation

Chair: Dr Geoff Carr, Editor, Science and Technology, The Economist; Professor Shoichi Senda, Department of Integrated Medicine, Kagawa Medical University; Professor Katsuhiko Tsujioka, Department of Physiology, Kawasaki Medical School

14.30 Keynote address:

·The tangible medical benefits of genetic research ·About Decode Genetics

Professor Kari Stefansson, Decode Genetics, Iceland

14.50 Commentator 1:

· A viewpoint from the pharmaceutical industry

Dr Robert Geursen, Head of Corporate Public Policy, Aventis Pharma

15.05 Commentator 2:

· Cellular and molecular biology research

Dr John Lackie, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Westlakes Research Institute (former Vice-President, R&D Strategy, Yamanouchi UK Ltd)

15.20 Commentator 3:

· Innovative new drugs and diagnostics

Professor Paul Sharpe, Chief Executive Officer, BioPartners Ltd, former Vice-President of the Neurosciences Project Management, SmithKline Beecham

15.35 Questions and discussions

16.00 Tea

Session 8: Financing the medical technology revolution

Chair: Mark Simon, Chief Executive Officer, com.Medica; Professor Kenkichi Ohba, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Kansai University

16.40 Keynote address:

· How the new technologies are being financed · The emergence of techno-industrial giants · New relationships with entrepreneurs · A new picture of medical R&D

Kenichi Matsumoto, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sakura Finetechnical Company

17.00 Commentator:

· The US abroad

Bryan Wrighton, Senior Vice-President European Operations Group McKessonHBOC

17.15 Questions and discussions

18.00 Open panel discussion: The role of the doctor in the new technological world

Chair: Dr Tim Jones, Executive Director of Health for Europe, Middle East and Africa for the Oracle Corporation; Professor Motoaki Sugawara, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Tokyo Womens Medical University School of Medicine

18.45 Session ends


Programme Day Three: Saturday 31 March 2001

09.15 Organisers summary of the previous days events, Dr Wyke

Session 9: Management of quality*a consumer speaks

Chair: Dr Michael Coughlan, GP, Galway, Eire, and former president of the Irish College of General Practitioners; Professor Kazuhiko Atsumi, Member, Science Council of Japan

09.30 Keynote address:

· The role of the consumer · The role of technology in assisting change in healthcare · A question of quality

Dr Catherina Maulbecker, Chief Executive Officer, GetWellness

09.50 Commentator 1:

· Who sets standards in quality management?

Dr Andrew Barrer, The Barrer Group Global Healthcare, former head of the US Healthcare Financing Administration, and former Chairman of the University of Wisconsin Health Care System

10.00 Commentator 2:

· The problems for the procurement of healthcare

Dr Robert Hangartner, Brett Cook Consulting, formerly with the UK department of Health

10.10 Questions and discussions

11.00 Refreshments

Session 10: International partnerships*the healthcare arena becomes less fragmented

Chair: Professor Richard Kitney, Department of Biological and Medical Systems, Imperial College; Professor Fumihiko Kajiya, Department of Cardiovascular Physiology and Medical Engineering, Okayama University Medical School and Kawasaki Medical School

11.30 Keynote address:

· Healthcares international issues · The meaning for business · Forging links across the fragmented healthcare scene · The meaning for patients

Dr Geoffrey Lieu, Director, Hong Kong and Greater China, HayGroup, and former Deputy Director, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

11.50 Commentator 1:

· Integrative medicine

Professor Kazuhiko Atsumi, Member, Science Council of Japan

12.30 Commentator 2:

· The interface between public, private and voluntary sector service provision and the procurement of healthcare

Dr Robert Hangartner, Brett Cook Consulting, formerly with the UK department of Health

12. 20 Questions and discussions

12.50 Closing remarks

Dr Alexandra Wyke, Managing Director, PatientView; Professor Richard Kitney, Department of Biological and Medical Systems, Imperial College