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 Issue 122, 23 October 2002
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Facing new challenges

Issues of 'crucial and practical importance to the UK economy' were discussed at the 2002 Imperial College/AURIL conference on 18 September. Rector Sir Richard Sykes expanded the theme of industry and university collaboration when he addressed more than 200 delegates from government, business, finance, law and the academic community.

Delegates at the AURIL conference concentrate on the day's proceedings
"There can be no doubt about the contribution of innovation - particularly in science, medicine and engineering - to economic and social development," he explained at the Autumn showcase for the Association for University Research and Industry Links, which represents a network dedicated to the development of partnerships between universities, industry and the wider community to support innovation and enhance competitiveness.

"Early stage technology transfer activities are becoming an increasingly important part of the work of the higher education sector, and partnerships between industry and academia lead to an improved flow-back of ideas to researchers. Such virtuous cycles are essential if the UK is to regain a globally dominant position in an ever more technological world."

From left: Dr Tidu Maini, Lord Sainsbury, and the rector, Sir Richard Sykes
Acknowledging Lord Sainsbury, Science Minister who spoke at the conference, Sir Richard added that he was pleased that government had now acknowledged the potential dangers of continued erosion of the UK science base.

With its track record in commercialisation and the highest research income of any UK university, amounting to £165,268,666, Imperial was an obvious choice to play host to the 14th bi-annual conference, and share best practice with other academic institutions, as well as strengthening its own bond with industry, he concluded.

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