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 Issue 125, 15 January 2003
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Optimising performance

NEW approaches in psychology designed to improve sporting and musical performance were highlighted by Professor John Gruzelier, concert pianist Samantha Newbold, and Olympic rowing gold medallist Simon Dennis, at a recent Friends of Imperial lecture.

Professor Gruzelier discussed his work which uses a process known as neurofeedback and allows brain waves to be trained, improving mental abilities. Researchers have subsequently been able to successfully treat a number of diseases, such as schizophrenia and alcoholism, and Professor Gruzelier has also focused its uses in improving cognitive ability and performance skills for musicians.

The professor described his latest research project with the Royal College of Music, which looks at the effectiveness of neurofeedback in improving the musical performance of students.

Samantha Newbold and Simon Dennis spoke about preparing for performances and sporting events, adding how Professor Gruzelier's research could benefit athletes and musicians.

Samantha highlighted the importance of 'knowing your own mind' and eliminating 'mental chatter', as Simon commented on the importance of getting 'a balance between excitement and anxiety.'

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