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2003 News Releases

-David Miles appointed to the Financial Services Authority Board
Chancellor Gordon Brown appoints David Miles, professor of finance, to the board of the FSA - Press Release - 18 December 2003

-Seal of Approval for Wye’s Equine Unit
The Equine Unit at the Wye Campus has been given the seal of approval by the British Horse Society - Press Release - 16 December 2003

-New Mathematics Institute launched to tackle global problems
An international Institute of Mathematical Sciences to foster the application of mathematics to understanding and tackling emerging scientific problems is announced today - Press Release - 11 December 2003

-“Taking a longer term view” - Professor David Miles analyses the UK mortgage market
David Miles analyses his interim report on the UK mortgage market in a lecture on Monday 15 December - Press Release - 10 December 2003

-Scientists develop a novel strategy to help prevent transplant rejection
A study led by Imperial has shown for the first time it is possible to help prevent organ rejection using a novel strategy that redirects the body's immune response instead of suppressing it - Press Release - 4 December 2003

-Imperial College London response to the Lambert Review
University research is vital to the success of the UK economy - Press Release - 4 December 2003

-Education and Training for Tomorrow’s Petroleum Industry - an Iraqi-UK Colloquium
Efforts to bring economic stability to Iraq by reconstructing and modernising the country’s oil and gas industry will be discussed at an Iraqi-UK Colloquium, organised by Imperial this week - Press Release - 1 December 2003

-Cash boost for Wye students
Students at Imperial's Wye campus win Agricola Scholarships - Press Release - 26 November 2003

-Five more African countries to benefit from Schistosomiasis Control Initiative
Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Zambia and Tanzania to be supported by project to tackle schistosomiasis - Press Release - 24 November 2003

-New Chair established in transport risk management
Imperial and Lloyd’s Register today announce the establishment of a new Lloyd’s Register Chair in Transport Risk Management - Press Release - 20 November 2003

-DJ Jono Coleman presents genetic research grant to Imperial scientists
Radio DJ meets scientists working on the genetic disease Lowe Syndrome - Press Release - 18 November 2003

-Imperial College London plans for better construction results
Estates Division implements system to improve management of construction projects - Press Release - 17 November 2003

-The evolution of female promiscuity - a lecture by Dr Olivia Judson
Dr Olivia Judson debunks the idea that males are natural philanderers while females are more interested in having babies than in having sex, in a lecture later this month - Press Release - 14 November 2003

-Imperial medical students win international entrepreneurship competition
Marketing plan for asthma device wins student entrepreneurship award - Press Release - 14 November 2003

-Managing rural land - major symposium at Wye
Rural land management - in the wake of the latest CAP Reform - is the focus of a major Symposium at Imperial's Wye campus 12 November 2003

-Researchers home in on obesity gene and offer explanation for overeating
Researchers identify gene associated with appetite stimulation - Press Release - 3 November 2003

-Three from Imperial in final of future medical technologies competition
Three teams of researchers from Imperial have made it to the finals of the Medical Futures Innovation Awards for 2003 - Press Release - 28 October 2003

-2003 Fellows of Imperial College London announced
Distinguished scientists, engineers and clinicians will be admitted to the Fellowship at the Commemoration Day Ceremony on Wednesday 29 October - Press Release - 28 October 2003

-Imperial College London Business School names new Director of full-time MBA
Sports economist Stefan Szymanski is appointed to lead business education programme - Press Release - 27 October 2003

-Imperial scientist in world's top 50 list
UK asthma researcher is one of the world's most cited researchers of the last 20 years - Press Release - 22 October 2003

-Imperial researchers show novel flu treatment eliminates symptoms in mice
Researchers develop new strategy for the effective treatment of flu symptoms - Press Release - 20 October 2003

-Leading scientist to receive DBE at Buckingham Palace
Professor Dame Julia Polak will receive her DBE for services to medicine at Buckingham Palace on Thursday this week - Press Release - 13 October 2003

-Scientist gets award for sending people to sleep
Leading UK scientist recognised for research into anaesthetics - Press Release - 9 October 2003

-PricewaterhouseCoopers partner appointed Director of Imperial College London Business School Executive MBA programme
Anti-trust expert Tom Hoehn becomes Visiting Professor and Director of the Executive MBA programme at Imperial - Press Release - 7 October 2003

-Academic Promotions 2003 at Imperial College London
The College today announces 112 academic promotions including 27 new Professors and 43 new Readers - Press Release - 1 October 2003

-White blood cell plays key role in body's excessive repair response to asthma
Researchers discover link in the development of the body's response to allergic asthma - Press Release - 1 October 2003

-Doctors meet to discuss ethical issues around providing genetic counselling services to ethnic minorities
Policy-makers, doctors and genetic counsellors will gather this Friday in London to look at the delivery of clinical genetic counselling services in diverse populations - Press Release - 24 September 2003

-Scientists reveal submerged landscapes of the English Channel
Imperial scientists use new technology to map submerged land - News - 22 September 2003

-Spinning Gold? Scientists and investors debate university innovation and wealth creation
An evening Friends and alumni event exploring the commercialisation of university research - Press Release - 19 September 2003

-Jupiter will vaporize spacecraft
Galileo, the NASA space probe which has closely involved Imperial College scientists, will dramatically end its 14-year mission when it plunges into Jupiter's dense atmosphere on Sunday 21 September - Press Release - 16 September 2003

-Imperial College London branding project achieves international recognition
Imperial's branding project launched in January 2003 wins a CASE Awards Program Silver Medal - Press Release - 16 September 2003

-European border-crossing scholarship scheme launched for postgraduates
The IDEA League of European technical universities announces the launch of new PG scholarships for recent graduates - Press Release - 15 September 2003

-British Scientists receive Lasker Prize for discovering new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Two of Britain's leading biomedical researchers have received the prestigious 2003 Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research - Press Release - 13 September 2003

-The fat controller - understanding why we overeat
Scientists and doctors are looking to discover new ways of controlling appetite, as Professor Steve Bloom describes to the BA Festival of Science at the University of Salford today - Press Release - 12 September 2003

-Do I want a pig's heart in me?
With an increasing shortage of donor organs for transplant should pig organs be used, asks Professor Andrew George at the 2003 BA Festival of Science today - Press Release - 11 September 2003

-Future space exploration and tourism need Shuttle to fly again, says Professor
André Balogh, Professor of Space Physics tells the annual BA Festival of Science today that all future options are on hold unless the space shuttle starts flying again - Press Release - 9 September 2003

-Top-ups of naturally occurring gut hormone could help treat obesity
Researchers discover that obese people have lower than average levels of the hunger regulating gut hormone PYY3-36 - Press Release - 3 September 2003

-Scientists find key to ocean bacterium that helps control greenhouse gas
Discovery is a step towards understanding how oceans influence global warming - Press Release - 27 August 2003

-Professor Harvey M. Flower FIM FRAeS
Tribute to Harvey Flower - Press Statement - 15 August 2003

-Dance workshop for local children at Imperial’s Volunteer Centre
Imperial Volunteer Centre and Adrenalin Dance Productions offer four-day interactive dance workshop - Press Release - 11 August 2003

-Scientists develop greater accuracy in recording baby's heart rates in the womb
New test will allow doctors to monitor the health of babies' hearts and obtain the full fetal ECG - Press Release - 11 August 2003

-Scientists formulate a heat wave survival guide
Scientists from Imperial have found a simple solution to city dwellers' despair as temperatures soar during summer heat waves - Press Release - 6 August 2003

-'Pachinko chances' - New theory suggests that human metabolism works like a pachinko pinball machine and may explain adverse effects of drugs
Researchers use new science of metabonomics to learn about human metabolism - Press Release - 1 August 2003

-First structure of transporter enzyme family is solved - Finding will aid drug design to combat depression, stroke and diabetes
Scientists are a step closer to understanding how essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are ferried into cells - Press Release - 31 July 2003

-New system developed to monitor deaths in general practice - system could be used to stop repeat of Shipman murders
Researchers from Imperial have developed system to monitor mortality rates in general practice - Press Release - 29 July 2003

-Scientists step into the limelight at Edinburgh Fringe
A group of trained ecologists and evolutionary biologists swap field guides and Wellington boots for stage props and the limelight this week, as their comical sketch show with a big pinch of science makes its debut - Press Release - 28 July 2003

-Researchers find way to improve musical performance
Researchers from Imperial College London and Charing Cross Hospital have discovered a way to help musicians improve their musical performances - Press Release - 23 July 2003

-Fewer Earthbound asteroids will hit home
Scientists report in Nature today that significantly fewer asteroids could hit the Earth's surface than previously reckoned - Press Release - 16 July 2003

-Wye's summer school for gifted children
Eighty teenagers enjoyed their first taste of higher education at Imperial College London's Wye campus this week - Press Release - 11 July 2003

-Civil engineers honoured with Fellowship from the Academy
Professors Howard Wheater and Chris Wise from the department of civil and environmental engineering were elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering, on Tuesday evening - News - 10 July 2003

-Media Invitation: Postgraduate research in engineering and physical sciences showcased at Imperial
First annual postgraduate showcase of engineering and physical sciences research takes place at Imperial on Wednesday 16 July - Press Release - 9 July 2003

-New Imperial Fellows for the Academy of Medical Sciences
Eight leading academics from Imperial College London have been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences - Press Release - 7 July 2003

-Disease diagnostics of the future just ‘a matter of time’
Seeing disease 'before it happens' is one promise of a new laser diagnostic technology being developed at Imperial - Press Release - 4 July 2003

-Finding meaning in a blizzard of numbers: Imperial Statistician elected Fellow of the British Academy
A statistician who cracks the patterns buried deep in banking and consumer data has been honoured with election today to the Fellowship of the UK's elite national academy of humanities and social sciences - Press Release - 4 July 2003

-Green Design Challenge winning team announced by Imperial College London and Shell Renewables
The first Green Design Challenge has been won by pupils from four different schools in Hove, Orpington and London - Press Release - 2 July 2003

-Scientists begin to unravel rowers’ secret of pulling together successfully, helping safeguard the back from injury
Researchers at Imperial College London have recently gained funding for the UK's first rowing research programme, which aims to reveal the secrets of the best and safest rowing technique - Press Release - 2 July 2003

-Imperial College London and Shell Renewables launch Green Design Challenge to attract young women to engineering
Imperial and Shell Renewables launch annual competition aiming to raise the profile of engineering among young women - Press Release - 23 June 2003

-Online initiative to encourage A level maths success is launched at Imperial College London
Initiative to bridge the gap between school and university maths launched on Open Day - Press Release - 23 June 2003

-Imperial College London hosts IDEA League Sports Event 2003
Imperial College London is the host of this year's IDEA League Sports Event - Press Release - 17 June 2003

-Imperial 'double' in Queen's Birthday Honours
Two of the UK's leading scientists, Professor Julia Polak, and Professor Alan Boobis have received honours in the Queen's Birthday Honours List announced on Saturday - Press Release - 16 June 2003

-Body's internal clock is set by newly discovered light detection system in the eye
Many of the body's responses to large changes in environmental light are controlled by a newly discovered light detection system in the eye, scientists report today in Nature - Press Release - 15 June 2003

-Romanian farmers to benefit from student engineering expertise
Mechanical engineering students have successfully tested their designs for a horse-drawn hayrake and tedder - Press Release - 3 June 2003

-Leading health professionals to discuss new ideas for primary care research in West London
Experts meet to develop a primary care research agenda - Press Release - 3 June 2003

-Researchers identify protein which could help protect against neuro-degenerative conditions
Protein could be used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease - Press Release - 30 May 2003

-When will the trend bend? - Imperial College London economist examines the value of forecasting
The benefits and pitfalls of forecasting will be examined in an Inaugural lecture given by Nigel Meade, Professor of Quantative Finance - Press Release - 19 May 2003

-Rector's speech to Postgraduate Awards Ceremony
Sir Richard Sykes's address to the new postgraduates of Imperial in the Royal Albert Hall today - News - 14 May 2003

-Imperial College London Postgraduate Awards Ceremony 2003
Imperial College London bestows its highest honours at the Postgraduate Awards Ceremony - Press Release - 14 May 2003

-Study of thyroxine transporter molecule shows how key hormone hitches a lift round body
Structural analysis published in PNAS reveals for the first time how a key messenger in the body's chemical communication system hooks up with a protein that delivers it to sites of action in the body - Press Release - 14 May 2003

-'Day Clinic' wins Imperial MBA Business Plan competition 2003
Winners of the Imperial College London MBA Business Plan competition are announced - Press Release - 14 May 2003

-BioScience Managers and Imperial College London to raise UKP50 million venture fund for early-stage medical and life science companies
'BML Ventures Imperial Fund' will invest in start-up and early-stage companies in the healthcare sector - Press Release - 12 May 2003

-Less death on British roads thanks to medical advances says new study
New research says reduced death toll on roads is due to medical improvements - Press Release - 12 May 2003

-Estimated fatality rate for Hong Kong SARS higher than previously thought, but spread of infection controllable through effective public health measures
International team of researchers estimates that the SARS fatality rate could be higher than previously thought - Press Release - 7 May 2003

-Pest control expert joins Wye's research team
Expert in natural pest control joins the research team at Wye campus - Press Release - 6 May 2003

-Shell endows £0.5m chair in sustainable development in energy at Imperial College London
Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. today announced a £500,000 endowment to fund the establishment of a Shell Chair in Sustainable Development in Energy - Press Release - 6 May 2003

-Cannabis more damaging to health than previously thought claim doctors
Doctors estimate cannabis smoking could be responsible for up to 30,000 deaths in the UK - Press Release - 2 May 2003

-Better use of telephones by doctors could provide patients with real benefits
Researchers say more effective use of the telephone could improve the service given by health professions - Press Release - 2 May 2003 -

-'Letter home' from Imperial College London student wins silver prize in International Student Awards
Singaporean student at Imperial wins Silver Award in competition highlighting the contribution of international students to the UK - Press Release - 28 April 2003

-Can we control our appetites? - Future directions in obesity research
Professor Steve Bloom will present his thoughts on controlling obesity at a lecture later this month - Press Release - 16 April 2003

-Study finds drug can cut chance of a heart attack by more than a third
Study results show that cholesterol controlling drug can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes - Press Release - 2 April 2003

-Agriculture and World Trade - Symposium at Wye
Symposium at Wye Campus on Wednesday, 9 April provides a platform for timely and informed debate on WTO and CAP issues - News - 2 April 2003

-New MSc in Infection Management for Pharmacists at Imperial College London
Imperial College London, the Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust and the Public Health Laboratory Service launch new MSc to reduce hospital-based infections due to antibiotic resistant organisms - Press Release - 21 March 2003

-Researchers put management consultancy under the microscope
Researchers study the dynamics of the relationship between management consultants and their clients - Press Release - 20 March 2003

-Asthma 'life-saver' plan awarded £25,000 Entrepreneurs' Challenge prize
Medical students win third annual Imperial College London Entrepreneurs' Challenge - Press Release - 20 March 2003

-Imperial College London to host the largest and longest running vascular symposium in Europe
Leading researchers, scientists and doctors in the field of vascular medicine will meet at Imperial College London for the 25th Charing Cross International Symposium - Press Release - 20 March 2003

-Practical business degree proves popular at Wye
A new degree offering the chance to gain practical business skills is already proving popular at Imperial College London’s Wye Campus - Press Release - 17 March 2003

-Scientists discover possible new treatment for genetic diseases
Scientists from Imperial, the University of Leicester, and Hammersmith Hospital have found a way to stop certain types of genetic diseases from occurring by modifying the way DNA is turned into proteins Press Release - 14 March 2003

-Crash in male saiga antelope numbers drives species closer to extinction
Scientists researching the population numbers of saiga antelope in Russia have found that in the case of the male, there may be a deadly truth in the old boast, 'So many women, so little time - Press Release - 12 March 2003

-Engineering students at Imperial College London demonstrate business know-how
Engineering students from Imperial College London have been rated second out of 102 teams in the IBM Universities Business Challenge - Press Release - 11 March 2003

-Scientific advance establishes 'proof of principle' that prion diseases might be prevented using monoclonal antibody technology
UK scientists have made a major scientific advance by establishing proof of principle that the development of prion disease can be prevented in mice using monoclonal antibodies - Press Release - 5 March 2003

-Imperial College London's Silwood Park campus offers sex, beer and nuclear reactions for National Science Week 2003
Imperial College London's campus at Silwood Park in Berkshire opens its doors to the public with a range of activities to celebrate National Science Week - Press Release - 5 March 2003

-Imperial College London celebrates National Science Week with exploding custard and Harry Potter
Imperial College London hosts a range of activities at its South Kensington campus to celebrate National Science Week - Press Release - 5 March 2003

-First national programme to combat Schistosomiasis launched in Uganda
The first national programme to tackle schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa will be launched today in Uganda by its President - Press Release - 4 March 2003

-Should mobile phones be allowed in hospitals?
Researchers from Imperial College London are calling for a review of the ban on mobile phone use in UK hospitals - Press Release - 28 February 2003

-Xenon shows promise in protecting the brain during bypass surgery
Researchers have found evidence that the gas xenon can protect the brain from damaage often associated with use of the heart-lung machine during coronary artery bypass surgery - Press Release - 26 February 2003

-First population study of GM mosquitoes highlights difficulties facing malaria control technique
First laboratory study of GM mosquitoes identifies issues that need to be faced in the task of turning mosquitoes from disease carriers into disease fighters - Press Release - 20 February 2003

-Press invitation: Stem cell research - Robert Winston examines the opportunities and ethical issues
Lord Robert Winston, professor of fertility studies at Imperial College London, will deliver a presentation on 'Stem cell research - opportunities and ethical issues' on Monday 24 February - Press Release - 19 February 2003

-Imperial College London receives Queen's Anniversary Prize for excellence in engineering research
Imperial College London has won a Queen's Anniversary Prize for excellence in the field of process systems engineering - Press Release - 18 February 2003

-Origins of our radioactive Earth
Professor Jane Plant, CBE explains all in her inaugural lecture today - Press Release - 18 February 2003

-Researchers discover how leukaemia virus spreads through the body
Researchers have discovered the mechanism by which human T-lymphotropic virus type 1, the virus which causes adult T-cell leukaemia, spreads through the body - Press Release - 13 February 2003

-Imperial College London announces first winner of major new scientific award
Professor Sir David Hopwood is the winner of the first Ernst Chain Prize - Press Release - 13 February 2003

-Three more schools in south-east to join innovative programme to boost science in schools
The partners behind the INSPIRE scheme congratulate three schools from the south-east on achieving Specialist Science school status - Press Release - 11 February 2003

-Singapore - British - US collaboration on technology commercialisation signed
A partnership to foster closer collaboration on technology commercialisation has been signed today - Press Release - 11 February 2003

-New MSc courses to tackle UK civil engineering skills gap
New courses at Imperial to head off impending 'HR crisis' - Press Release - 10 February 2003

-All change for Europe's mountains: new research to guide future
The face of Europe's mountains is changing and could be altered forever if declining agricultural trends continue, warn scientists behind a major new EU research project announced today - Press Release - 6 February 2003

-Structure of cog at the hub of metabolism reveals anti-ageing function
The structure of a key energy-releasing enzyme found in all animals is designed to minimise free radical production, an international team of researchers report in the journal Science today - Press Release - 30 January 2003

-Researchers discover that DNA packaging in living cells is dynamic
Finding could help scientists to understand how cells 'remember' which genes to switch on or off - Press Release - 30 January 2003

-Computer model helps combat air pollution across Europe
Professor Helen ApSimon considers the development of a landmark intergovernmental strategy to combat air pollution across Europe in her inaugural lecture - Press Release - 28 January 2003

-Press invitation - Imperial College London launches Volunteer Centre to promote community relations
Imperial College London launches its new Volunteer Centre on Thursday 6 February, a joint project managed by the College and the Students' Union - Press Invitation - 28 January 2003

-Press Invitation: Imperial launches advanced civil engineering education initiative
Imperial will launch an initiative next week aimed at reversing the UKs currently dwindling supply of high-level skilled Civil and Environmental Engineering specialists - Press Invitation - 23 January 2003

-Statement from Imperial College London in response to the Government White Paper on Higher Education
Imperial College London is disappointed that an historic opportunity has not been fully taken - Press Release - 22 January 2003

-Researchers find link between improved memory and the use of neurofeedback
Scientists from Imperial College London and Charing Cross Hospital believe that it may be possible to improve memory by up to 10 percent through the use of neurofeedback - Press Release - 22 January 2003

-Faster than ever seen before - speeding electrons will be snapped by new UK attosecond 'camera'
Ultrafast lasers helping to make some of the shortest pulses of light ever seen in the UK will be at the heart of a new system to capture the movements of electrons - Press Release - 15 January 2003

-Plasma probe scientists ready for Rosetta blast-off
Scientists who built and will control the instruments to investigate plasma changes around a comet describe their contribution - Press Release - 13 January 2003

-Researchers link melanopsin gene to unexplored light detection system within the eye
Researchers have discovered that melanopsin, a recently identified protein, plays a key role in a completely new light detection system in the eye - Press Release – 9 January 2003

-Pioneering surgeon awarded honorary knighthood
Ara Darzi, Imperial College London's Professor of Surgery has been appointed an honorary KBE in recognition of his services to medicine and surgery - Press Release - 9 January 2003

-University-NGO partnership announces seven research-and-action projects for developing countries
LEAD International and Imperial announce projects to address critical problems in the developing world - Press Release - 8 January 2003