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Imperial Professor wins top TB award

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By Tony Stephenson
Tuesday 18 October 2005

Professor Jon Friedland Opens in new window from Imperial College London was awarded the Weber-Parkes Trust Prize Medal by the Royal College of Physicians yesterday.

Chest X-ray of TB affecting the upper lobes of the lung

The Weber-Parkes Trust Prize Medal is awarded yearly to the author of the best essay on a subject connected with the etiology, prevention, pathology or treatment of tuberculosis.

Commenting on Professor Friedland's award, Professor Stephen Smith, Principal of the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial, said: "Tuberculosis is one of several diseases previously thought to have been beaten but, as with influenza, is now making something of a come back. It causes huge mortality in developing countries and in patients with HIV and is thus a threat to all mankind. Jonathan's work has proved to be of enormous value in understanding tuberculosis pathology in patients, and this award shows just how highly regarded he is."

Professor Friedland's research interests focus on tuberculosis and in particular the inflammatory response and causes of tissue damage. Part of his research team are based overseas in Peru where the primary research on susceptibility to tuberculosis and on development of novel diagnostics.

The Weber-Parkes Trust Prize Medal was founded in 1895 by a gift from Dr Hermann Weber in memory of Dr Alexander Parkes. This endowed a £3000 gift triennially to the author of the best essay on tuberculosis which was subsequently altered to be for the best work already done on the same subject, in this country or abroad.