First Year Regulations


There are eight core modules, each with their own coursework and written examination: Introduction to Computer Systems, Introduction to Computer Architecture, Logic, Reasoning about Programs, Mathematics I, Discrete Structures, Graphs and Algorithms, Introduction to Databases.

Continuous Assessment

Lecture modules have associated coursework, contributing 15% of the marks. There is also an integrated module of coursework in all three terms: Computing Practical 1. It includes Programming and Professional Issues.

Programming is assessed by on-line tests and project work.

There is also a research aspect, which runs in the first and second terms. This is assessed by reports and presentations.

ComponentECTS / CATS
 Eight core modules
 40 / 80 (each module contributes 5 / 10)
 Computing Practical 1
 20 / 40
 Total  60 / 120
components of first year


Computing Practical 1 Breakdown
ComponentShare of submoduleShare of module
   Practice Test  0%   0%
   Interim Test  17%   5%
   Final Test  83%   25%
  = 100%  = 30%
   Practice Test  5%   2%
   Interim Test  12%   5%
   Final Test  83%   35%
  = 100%  = 42%
   Group Project  44%  8%
   Main Test  56%  10%
  = 100% = 18%
 Professional Issues    
   Ethics Project  50%  5%
   Research Project  50%  5%
   = 100%  = 10%
 Total    100%
all components


Progression Requirements

In order to pass the Part I examination (First Year of studies) and qualify to progress to the Second Year, the candidate must achieve:

  1. A minimum of 40% for each of the eight core modules;
  2. A minimum of 50% for Computing Practical 1;
  3. A minimum of 40% overall.

The First Year of studies is weighted at 7.50% overall, both for the MEng and the BEng. More information can be found in the Programme specifications page (MEng and BEng).

Supplementary Qualifying Tests

At the discretion of the Examiners, Supplementary Qualifying Tests may be offered to a student who marginally fails to achieve the above requirements.