The Christmas Test occurs during Week 11 of the Autumn term. It is there to provide feedback to both you and us on your progress. It also allows you to get familiar with examination style questions, and it provides a small contribution towards your Coursework assessment total. It is marked over the Christmas break and returned to you early in the Spring term.

Paper details

  • the test is staged under approximate examination conditions
  • the planned structure of the paper is as follows:
    • Question 1 on Logic
    • Question 2 on Mathematical Methods
    • Question 3 on Discrete Maths
  • it tests only these subjects
  • its duration is 1.5 hours, 30 minutes for answering each question
  • the answer to the logic question contributes to the assessed coursework mark for the Logic course
  • the answer to the Mathematical Methods question contributes to the assessed coursework mark for the MM course.

Rules of Conduct

  • on entering the room you must deposit personal belongings at the side
  • mobile phones must be switched off throughout the test
  • you must have your swipe card with you
  • you will be supplied with calculators - using your own is not permitted
  • communicating with other students during the test is not permitted