The Lexis Tests are programming tests taken in the laboratories under exam conditions. You will be set a programming exercise, and given (depending on the difficulty of the question) 2-3 hours to complete it using the lab computers. The lab computers are set up in a restricted mode (called "Lexis") which disallows all network activity (so you don't have access to the internet, local intranet, or files normally in your home directory, etc.).

Lexis tests are sat under exam conditions. Typically you will be given 10 minutes at the start of the exam to plan your answers.  This means only expliclty permitted materials are allowed. You must not communicate with other students. If you obtain less than 40% on a Lexis test, then you may be asked to attend special catch-up tutorials.
Over the course of the year, there will be eight Lexis tests: three for the Haskell course, three for the Java course, and one for C. Three of these tests (two Haskell, one Java) will be in the Autumn term, two in the Spring Term (one Haskell, one Java) and the rest in the Summer Term (one Java, one C).  These tests are designed to provide feedback to both us and you on your programming skills. They contribute towards your Programming total.

Lexis Test Organisation

You will need to bring

  • Your ID Card
  • Pens / pencils (held or in a clear bag)

During the test

The short version:

  • Turn up 10 minutes early.
  • We'll tell you what to do.
  • You're in a test - no phones & stay silent!

The full version: 

(we will remind you of most of these as necessary):

  • You should turn up 10-15 minutes early and wait in the Level 2 Huxley foyer until an invigilator calls you through into the main lab.  Please do not wait immediately outside the labs in the corridor as there is not enough space for everyone!
  • Once in the lab you will be under exam conditions and must remain in complete silence.
  • You will be given a randomly numbered plastic card as you enter the lab.
  • Put your bags / coats / electronics away to the side of the room, and not at your desk.
  • You are not allowed personal electronics on your person during the test.
  • You are not allowed food/drink other than water  in clear plastic bottles. Smelly energy drinks cans are absolutely not allowed.
  • Ensure phones are left in bags and are fully silenced. We reserve the right to silence phones that make noise during the test by any means necessary. Students who cause a disruption (e.g. by their phone going off) may be ejected from the exam.
  • Find the computer that has the same number as your card. That is your seat.
  • Place your ID Card and your number card on your desk somewhere visible.
  • Once the invigilator tells you to start, you will have 15 minutes during which you can read the question paper and plan your answers.
  • After 15 minutes, the invigilator will then tell you to start. At this point you may log into the system. Your login is used for BOTH your login and password.
  • After everyone has logged in and started, we will walk round taking a register - please ensure your ID and number cards are visible on your desk to facilitate this process.
  • If you finish early, raise your hand to let an invigilator know. For Lexis tests you can leave early, but we must know first.