DRP: Designing for Real People

In the Summer term you will undertake the "Designing for Real People" (DRP) group project. In this project you will need to design and implement a solution to a real-world problem following the principles of agile development and human centred design. The problem solution will involve the development of a digital touch-point in the form of a multi-user web or mobile application and should involve real-time user interactions and must maintain a consistent internal state via use of a server-side database.

Examples of suitable digital touch-points include collaborative publishing tools, social-media services or even online-games, but must be justified by suitable background research and investigation into your chosen problem through the use of Human Centred Design techniques. You are encouraged to think outside of the box and try to come up with something original.

We will distribute the formal documentation for this project towards the end of the Spring term so that you can begin to plan your work. You are not expected to start work on the project itself until after your exams, but you may find it useful to organise your groups and discuss project ideas before you go on study leave.

A selection of the best 2nd Year Group Projects from previous years can be found on the Best Second Year Group Projects page. These projects should help to inspire and challenge you to produce top quality projects, but under no circumstances are they to be copied (we take plagiarism very seriously).

Note that JMC students have the option to work on a Group Project in the Maths Department instead of the DRP Group Project.