The MEng/BEng Joint Maths and Computing degrees follow the standard Faculty of Engineering rules for year progression. The following applies to JMC1 students (MEng or BEng) sitting exams or coursework to be allowed to progress to JMC2.

Progression Requirements

As of 2019/20, in order to pass Year 1 and qualify to progress to the Second Year, the candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. A minimum of 40% for each of the following three Mathematics modules: MATH40010, MATH40011, MATH40012;
  2. A "Pass" mark for the following Mathematics module: MATH40009;
  3. A minimum of 40% for each of the three Computing modules;
  4. A minimum of 50% for Computing Practical 1;
  5. A minimum of 40% overall.

Mathematics assessments consist of MATH40010, MATH40011, MATH40009 and MATH40012. Computing assessments consist of C140, C141 and C150, as well as Computing Practical 1 which has no exam.

    Programming and Coursework

    For continuing assessment elements of the JMC first year, such as programming or coursework, failures in one or both of these components may mean that a candidate is required to withdraw from the degree.

    Resit Exams (SQTs)

    If a candidate marginally fails one or more summer exams, the examiners (at their discretion) may offer capped resits (SQTs) in September (normally, in a maximum of two papers).

    More extensive exam failure may mean that a candidate is required to retake the year or withdraw.

    MEng Registration

    MEng candidates must normally achieve an aggregate 2:1 performance across the first two years and in both Maths and Computing disciplines to be allowed to remain on the MEng programme. A formal decision on MEng registration is, however, made at the end of the second year.