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Below you will find the list of lecture slides for the course.   If you print the slides, we encourage you to print them with 4 slides per page.  You can do this either by selecting "Multiple pages per sheet" in the "Print" dialog box of Acrobat Reader, or by simply typing the following command in Linux:

pdfnup --nup 2x2 file.pdf 

which generates "file-nup.pdf" with 4 slides per page.

#Date releasedInstructorHandoutTutorial Sheets
1    Peter Pietzuch Introduction Introduction (answers)
2    Peter Pietzuch Processes (answers) Processes and Threads (answers)
3    Peter Pietzuch Threads (answers)  
4    Peter Pietzuch Scheduling (answers) Scheduling (answers)
5    Peter Pietzuch Synchronisation I Synchronisation (answers)
6    Peter Pietzuch Synchronisation II  
7    Peter Pietzuch  Deadlocks Deadlocks (answers)
8    Peter Pietzuch Memory Management (answers) Memory Management (answers) 
9    Peter Pietzuch Device Management Device Management (answers) 
10    Peter Pietzuch Disk Management Disk Management (answers)
11    Peter Pietzuch File Systems (answers) File Systems (answers)
12    Peter Pietzuch Security (answers) Security (answers)
13    Peter Pietzuch Revision