Integrated Programming Laboratory

Module aims

In this course the students will be given the opportunity to practice writing programs and to apply methods and techniques learned in other courses in the same term through laboratory sessions, coursework, and constant feedback. It is tightly coupled with CO516 Introduction to C++ Programming and CO517 Object Oriented Design & Programming.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • be able to design, implement, and document maintainable, re-usable, extendable, and easily readable program code based on given specifications
  • be familiar with techniques and tools for debugging and automatic generation of executables
  • understand the whole compilation process
  • have gained experience in how to test and how to reason about their code.

Also see Learning Outcomes of CO516 and CO517.

Module syllabus

This course follows the syllabus of CO516 and CO517. In addition, it introduces the students to techniques and tools for revision control, debugging, and automatic generation of executables.



Teaching methods

Workshops, laboratory sessions with individual help, and feedback based on formative assessment.


Assessed coursework and programming test.

Module leaders

Dr Fidelis Perkonigg