Academic Writing MRes Advanced and HiPEDS

Module aims

To practise critically assessing technical content and its presentation
To practise presenting a summary of papers in a clear and compelling way
To provide an opportunity to improve presentation skills
To provide an opportunity to study research papers in diverse but (HiPEDS) related topics

Learning outcomes

Intellectual skills
 - To appreciate research in diverse areas related to HiPEDS (High Perfomance Embedded Distributed Systems)

Transferable skills
 - To  be confident in presenting work to one's peers

Practical skills
 - To be able to critically assess a paper for its technical content and presentation
 - To be able to summarise papers clearly and succinctly

Module syllabus

The course consists of about 7 weekly discussions in the Autumn and Spring terms, at which two or three papers are presented and discussed. Each student will present and lead a discussion on one paper. In each week, every student not presenting will write a review for one paper presented that week and comment on the suitability of the abstract for a second paper presented that week.


There are no specific prerequisites.

Teaching methods

Class discussion.


*This is a level 7/M course

Module leaders

Dr Pantelis Georgiou
Dr Andrea Callia D'Iddio
Mr Pedro Martinez Mediano