- The lists of 3rd year and 4th year Mathematics modules are subject to variation and changes.
- Modules 351J and 451J (External Course) cover options under Horizons and the Business School.
- Please address any queries about options to the JMC Director of Studies or the (Year) Coordinator.

Third Year Regulations (MEng)

MEng 3 consists of 8 selected courses, as well as a compulsory group project (C362) in Computing and a compulsory industrial placement organised in Computing.

Maths: At least 2 and at most 6 Mathematics courses are to be chosen from the overall list of courses which are made available. Up to two Maths options may be taken from M2 courses that were not taken during the second year. Note that M3 courses that also exist as M4 equivalents and are taken in the third year cannot also be taken as M4 courses in the fourth year.

Computing: At least 2 and at most 6 Computing courses are to be chosen from the overall list of courses which are made available (this selection does not include the group project). Additionally, a compulsory group project (C362) must be taken in Computing.

The JMC industrial placement will run from June to September (typically the 2nd week of June to the 4th week of September).

One option may be an external course offered by the Imperial College Business School or the Humanities Department, or another Engineering department.


ComponentMark percent
Eight course options (each contributing 10%)  80
Group project  20
Industrial Placement  0

Progression Requirements

In order to pass Year 3 and qualify for the fourth year, the candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Achieved at least 40% in the Group project
  2. Achieved at least 40% overall for the year

Failure in the group project component of the course (Autumn term of 3rd year) will ordinarily lead to discussion about transfer to the BEng degree for the remainder of the third year.