The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. The prize-winning and distinguished projects are listed below. In most cases, the reports can be downloaded electronically.

Prizes, projects and winners

2018-19 Distinguished projects

Project StatusWinners


Distinguished projects

Projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status.


Dur, Tolga, MSc Computing, Parallel Gaussian Processes for Optimal Sensor Placement‌ (PDF)

Mack, Julian, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Attention-based Convolutional Autoencoders for 3D-Variational Data Assimilation (PDF)

Soerensen, Emil, MSc Computing, AIGVA AI Generated Video Annotation (PDF)

Roques, Olivier, MSc Computing (Security and Reliability), Detecting Malware in TLS Traffic (PDF)

Guillard, Benoit, MSc Advanced Computing, Optimising convolutional neural networks for super fast inference on focal-plane (PDF)

Zheng, Jiali, MSc Computing, Geometric Deep Learning with 3D Facial Motion (PDF)

Henriksen, Patrick, MSc Computing (AI), Efficient Neural Network Verification via Adaptive Refinement (PDF)

Sowinska, Karolina, MSc Computing, Multi-View Learning Approaches for Stock Return Prediction with Tweets‌ (PDF)

Makrigiorgos, Alex, MSc Computing (AI), Improving Autonomous Driving Agents using Bio-Inspired Visual Attention (PDF)

Kaddour, Jean, MSc Advanced Computing, PATA Probabilistic Active Task Acquisition (PDF)

Wu, Zixiu, MSc Advanced Computing, Probing the Role of Video Context in Multimodal Machine Translation with Source  (PDF)

Barbaroux, Hugo, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Spherical CNN for Imaging on Alzheimer’s Disease (PDF)

Laignelet, Alexis, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Deep Learning of High-dimensional Partial Differential Equations (PDF)

Lim, Clavance, MSc Computing, An Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Natural Language Processing for (PDF)

Lewis, Robert, MSc Computing, Deep collaborative filtering models with audiovisual content-aware algorithms (PDF)

Tobis, Nicolas, MSc Computing, Federated Machine Learning A Distributed Approach to Pain Expression Recognition (PDF)

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2018-19 Sponsored Prizes


MSc Computing/MSc Specialism Group project prize to be awarded to the MSc Computing group 


• Fisch, Martin 
• Messner, Joern
• Tajnafoi, Gabor 
• Todd, Kevin 
• Westmore, Jack

Corporate Partnership Programme Commendation for Group Project to be awarded to the MSc Computing group 


• Chow, Andrew 
• Ahn, Jong 
• Cai, Philip 
• Du, Zheng 
• Sa, Katie 
• Wong, Jeng 

Academic Excellence Awards sponsored by The Department of Computing Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP). Students with Distinction with top exam averages in their cohort


MSc Computing Specialisms:
• Gao, Kang, M.Sc in Computing (Machine Learning)
• Christodoulou, Petros, M.Sc in Computing (Machine Learning)
• Chaikunsaeng, Sirapoab, M.Sc in Computing (Visual Computing and Robotics)

MSc Computing:
• Fisch, Martin

The Winton Capital Prize for the Best MSc Advanced Computing Student
• Guillard, Benoit Postgraduate Project Prize: For annual award to the best MSc Blockchain/Cryptocurrency-related project

Croal, Jack, MSc Advanced Computing project: Security of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains


Winton Capital Applied Computing MSc Prizes


MSc Advanced Computing:

  • Guillard, Benoit

MSc Computing:

  • Soerensen, Emil

One Corporate Partnership Programme Individual Project Prize

 MSc Computing Specialisms:

  •  Roques, Olivier 


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