Prizes are rewarded to students based on either their Academic Excellence or Project Specific work. The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. A description of each prize can be found below the prize's title and the award-winning student(s) will be named alongside their supervisor. In most cases, the relevant project reports can be downloaded electronically.

Prizes, projects and winners

Academic Excellence



Governors' Prize

For the annual award to the final year students with the best overall performance on the BEng Computing/MEng Computing /BSci Maths and Computing/MSci Maths and Computing degree programmes.

Nageswaran, Shravan (BEng JMC Year 3)
Padmanabhan, Rohan (BEng Computing Year 3)
Hu, Ruiao (MEng JMC Year 4)
Zhou, Fangyi (MEng Computing Year 4)


The Centenary Prize

Awarded annually to a final year undergraduate student for outstanding overall performance.

Murai, Riku (MEng Computing Year 4)


Departmental Prizes for Excellence

Awarded to final year students for outstanding overall performance.


Brabete, Andrei-Octavian (MEng Computing Year 4)
Budea, Ioan (MEng Computing Year 4)
Shan Chen, Jixi (MEng JMC Year 4)
Davies-Lyons, Ashley (MEng Computing Year 4)
Jain, Rishabh (MEng Computing Year 4)
Uglow, Harry (MEng Computing Year 4)


PDT Partners Second Year Prize 

Awarded annually for academic excellence in the second year.

Punchihewa, Hashan (MEng Computing Year 2)


Adrian Israel Memorial Prize

Awarded annually for excellence in the first year.


Wride, Tristan (MEng Computing Year 1)


Joint Maths and Computer Science Departmental Prizes

Awarded for excellence in the first, second and third year of the JMC.

Varshney, Aporva (MEng JMC Year 1)
Schlueter, Hannah (MEng JMC Year 2)
Popov, Toma (MEng JMC Year 3)


Awarded annually to up to ten non-final year students of each of the departments of Computing, Mathematics and Physics for academic excellence.

Chua, Wilson (MEng Computing Year 1)
Dejl, Adam (MEng Computing Year 1)
Milizia, Stefano (MEng Computing Year 1)
Burr, Willam (BEng Computing Year 2)
Hails, Daniel (MEng Computing Year 2)
Langenstein, Moritz (MEng Computing Year 2)
Gorostiaga Belio, Pablo (MEng Computing Year 3)
Miu, Anson (MEng Computing Year 3)
Spooner, Jordan (MEng Computing Year 3)


Corporate Partnership Programme Prize for Technical Innovation

Awarded for outstanding achievement by a computing student in their final year.

Toma, Alexandru (MEng Computing Year 4)


CGCA & Old Centralians' Trust: Student Activity Awards

Awarded to the students judged by the Senior Tutor & HoD to be most active in student affairs.

Ghosh, Anindita (MEng Computing Year 2)
Nielsen, Alexander (MEng Computing Year 2)
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Other distinguished projects

Project StatusWinners

Distinguished projects 

The following projects (not already mentioned above) are also judged to be outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation and awarded "Distinguished" status.

Brabete, Andrei-Octavian (MEng Computing Year 4)Kungfu: A Novel Distributed Training System for TensorFlow... (pdf)‌, Supervisor: Prof Peter Pietzuch‌

Budea, Ioan (MEng Computing Year 4), TensorBow: Supporting Small-Batch Training in TensorFlow (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Peter Pietzuch

Chorley, Jack (MEng Computing Year 3),Automatic Reconstruction of Images from Shredded Paper (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Mark Wheelhouse

Davies-Lyons, Ashley (MEng Computing Year 4), I/O bottleneck detection in the Linux kernel (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Tony Field

Eden, Callum (MEng Computing Year 4), Sher(b)lock Holmes: Digital Blockchain Forensics (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Will Knottenbelt

Jain, Rishabh (MEng Computing Year 4), On Dynamics of Interpretable Neural Models (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Pranava Shantharam Madhyastha

Murai, Riku (MEng Computing Year 4), Visual Odometry Using a Focal-plane Sensor-processor (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Paul Kelly

Stenbom, Oliver (MEng Computing Year 4), Refunction - Eliminating Serverless Cold Starts Through Container Reuse (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Rob Chatley

Toma, Alexandru (MEng Computing Year 4), Global Way-point LSTM Planner: An Online Machine Learning Solution... (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Sajad Saeedi Gharahbolagh

Uglow, Harry (MEng Computing Year 4), CuRL: Curriculum Reinforcement Learning for Goal-Oriented Robot Control (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Ed Johns

Woodacre, William (MEng Computing Year 4), Deterministic concurrency control for transaction processing systems... (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Holger Pirk

Xu, Junfeng (BEng Computing Year 3), Emmy: A Proof Assistant for Reasoning about Programs (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Sophia Drossopoulou

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Project Specific Prizes


IBM 2nd year group project prize

Awarded to a second-year project group for the best third term project.

Burr, William (BEng Computing Year 2)
Cross, Tiger (BEng Computing Year 2)
Singh, Arjun (MEng Computing Year 2)
Son, Joon-Ho (MEng Computing Year 2)

Olav Beckmann Project Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding second-year undergraduate laboratory project work (individual or group).

Cutner, Zak (MEng Computing Year 2)
Everest, Zelie (BEng JMC Year 2)
Langenstein, Moritz (MEng Computing Year 2)
Popat, Ram (MEng Computing Year 2)

Palantir Forward Group Project Prize

Awarded to an outstanding third-year group project for software engineering excellence applied to solve an important real-world problem.

Amjad, Zeshan (BEng Computing Year 3)
Chorley, Jack (BEng Computing Year 3)
Padmanabhan, Rohan (BEng Computing Year 3)
Pointon, Thomas (MEng Computing Year 3)
Pritchard, Rohan (MEng Computing Year 3)
Stow, Edward (MEng Computing Year 3)

David Howarth Group Project Prize

Awarded for excellence in group projects in the third-year.

Clarke, Alexander (MEng Computing Year 3)
Feng, Qiang (MEng Computing Year 3)
Fournial, Mayeul (MEng JMC Year 3)
Kalidindi, Pranav (MEng JMC Year 3)
Spooner, Jordan (MEng Computing Year 3)
Squires, Lawrence (MEng Computing Year 3)

Donald Davies Prize

Awarded annually to JMC students who produce the best final year individual project.

Fernandez I Mir, Ramon (MEng JMC Year 4), Schemes in Lean (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Kevin Buzzard

Hawkes, Christopher (MEng JMC Year 4), dSILP: A Differentiable Inductive Logic Programming Framework... (pdf)‌‌, Supervisor: Prof Alessandra Russo

ARM Project Prize

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in the area of computer systems.

Spina, Alberto (MEng Computing Year 4), Reliable Distributed Consensus for Low-Power Multi-Hop Networks (pdf)Supervisor: Prof Julie McCann

IBM Project Prize

Awarded to an undergraduate student in the Department of Computing for outstanding achievement in an individual project.

Tan, Si (MEng Computing Year 4), Trusted Infrastructure for JavaScript (ES5) Analysis (pdf)Supervisor: Prof Philippa Gardner

Microsoft Prize

Awarded to a final year student in the Department of Computing for the outstanding individual project.

Zlocha, Martin (MEng Computing Year 4), Universal Lesion Detector: Deep Learning for Analysing Medical Scans (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Ben Glocker

The Winton Capital Applied Undergraduate Project Computing Prize

Awarded to a final year undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in applied computing.

Agrawal, Vinamra (MEng Computing Year 4), Energy optimisation of cascading neural-network classifiers (pdf), Supervisor:  Dr Anandha Gopalan‌

de Maupeou D'Ableiges, Sixte (MEng Computing Year 4), One noise to fool them all (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Luis Munoz Gonzalez Undergraduate Individual Project Prize

Awarded for best project on a blockchain-related topic.

Nageswaran, Shravan (BEng JMC Year 3), Design and Implement a Stablecoin Cryptocurrency (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Will Knottenbelt

NewVoice Media Prize for Computing

Awarded for an outstanding individual project in the area of data science.

G, Suraj (MEng Computing Year 4), A Practical Analysis of Optimisation and Recovery Under Uncertainty (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Ruth Misener 

Corporate Partnership Programme Awards

The departmental prize for excellence in project work.

Chow, Julian (BEng Computing Year 3), Lost in translation: fidelity-focused machine translation evaluation (pdf), Supervisor: Prof Lucia Specia

Allerton, Thomas (MEng Computing Year 4), Nimbus: Java Framework Targeting Function-as-a-Service (pdf), Supervisor: Dr Rob Chatley

Bower, Thomas (MEng Computing Year 4), Industry project: identifying JavaScript skimmers on high-value websites (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Sergio Maffeis

Hu, Ruiao (MEng Computing Year 4), Solutions of the Hitchin Equations from the Nahm Transform (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Chris Ford

Matache, Cristian (MEng Computing Year 4), Efficient Design of Machine Learning Hyperparameter Optimizers (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

Papadopoulos, Aristomenis-Dionysios (MEng JMC Year 4), Model Theory: Fraisse Constructions (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Zaniar Ghadernezhad

Pearcy, Andrew (MEng Computing Year 4), Proft Driven Drone Scheduling in Last Mile Food Delivery Networks (pdf)Supervisor: Prof Will Knottenbelt

Sapora, Silvia (MEng Computing Year 4), Grasp Quality Deep Neural Networks for Robotic Object Grasping (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Ed Johns

Zen, Maurizio (MEng JMC Year 4), Improving Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement Learning (pdf)Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

Zhang, Shuhao (MEng JMC Year 4), Functional Programming with Multiparty Session Types (pdf)Supervisor: Prof Nobuko Yoshida

Zhou, Fangyi (MEng JMC Year 4), Refinement Session Types (pdf)Supervisor: Prof Nobuko Yoshida

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