"I did not expect to see such modern and interesting technology [...]"

The Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London ran and Engineering Summer School for Girls in July 2015 to promote the breadth of engineering disciplines available when you study science and maths subjects through interactive projects and activities.

Girls ages 11 to 14 spent a week at Imperial College and visited the departments of aeronautics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computing, earth sciences and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, materials science and engineering and mechanical engineering. Activities included leactures, workshops, practical activities,  tours and projects.


In the Department of Computing, the girls found out about the applications of computing and visited the Dyson labs where they found out how computers 'think' and had a go at playing Jenga using a robot arm. Topics included:

  • SmartDust - Prof Julie McCann
  • When programs go wrong - Dr Alastair Donaldson
  • Making and healing blood - Dr Ruth Miesener
  • Special effects - Prof Paul Kelly
  • Superman X-Ray vision - Dr Ben Glocker and Dr Jiefei Ma
"[what I enjoyed the most was] finding out how computers can medically help humans"