Here are some important recent changes CSG have made to our services:

October 2019

  • CSG have moved from Huxley 221 to Huxley 305/306 (entrance by Lecture Theatre 308), we are now sharing space with DoC Teaching Fellows, so please make sure you direct queries to CSG staff only.
  • DoC servers were physically relocated to the Virtus DataCentre 'London 3' located in Slough, UK, allowing our machine room to be redeveloped into additional teaching space.
  • We have migrated the Departmental gitlab server ( from version 9.5.5 to  GitLab Community Edition version 12.3.5.
  • has now been superseded by the college Celcat. has been retired, please visit Timetables instead.
  • The "student database server" has been upgraded from PostgreSQL version 9.6 to 10.2.
  • The lab layout has been revised with approximately 50 computers in Huxley 206 and 219 replaced.  The Graphics workstations have been renamed to gpu1-29, also incorporating the HP workstations that were formerly members of the old GPU cluster, and are back in 210. In addition, room 225 will become a small (~30 seat) lab for the new MSc in AI.
  • We have released termly Ubuntu Linux package updates to CSG-supported Ubuntu 18.04.  If your machine is not running Ubuntu 18.04, and you'd like it upgraded (or replaced), please let us know - email telling us the name of the machine, where it is, which OS it's running at present, and whether or not there's any important non-backed up data on the local hard disk, and we'll arrange Linux upgrades or machine replacements.
  • The GPU cluster is now running Slurm 19.0.5 instead of PBS Pro 19 GPU Cluster guide.
  • Cloud V2 is now online replacing our previous CloudStack setup with a new oVirt based system.
  • /vol/bitbucket was migrated to a new server, and trebled in size.