mark Whilst I knew that Imperial was going to provide me with an excellent technical education, what I didn't count on was all of the other skills that I would develop by completing the course. Far more important than my coding ability has been the general approach to problem solving that I learnt during my time at DoC. Logical thinking, concise communication and a drive to succeed are all crucial to business success and had these areas not been cultivated at University then I do not think that I would have enjoyed such success.

When I graduated, I joined forces with two other Computing students and one Electrical Engineer and we started our own video game company called Introversion Software. As managing director my role has been to formulate the business strategy and assist with the project management of our games and other operational projects. Whilst I don't do much coding, my understanding of this area allows me to work with the dev team to ensure that our projects come out on time and to budget and are incredibly good fun to play!

Obtaining a computing degree provides so many more options than simply programming and I can't think of a job in which I would be happier than running my own business. Imperial played a key role in helping me develop the skills to do this job and I still try to maintain a relationship with the department in order to both capitalize on the latest research and hire the latest talent

Mark Morris

Name: Mark Morris

Job: Managing Director

Company: introversion Software