The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. The prize winning and distinguished projects are listed below. In most cases the reports can be downloaded electronically.

Sponsored Prizes

The Philips Group Project Prize in Computing Science


Philips logo

Value: £100 per student, Philips Website

Awarded for excellence in the group project on the MSc Computing Science programme.

This year's winners: 

Jun Ng, Ying Deng, Edward Khon, Yuanruo Liang, Wei Lim and Lixiaonan Yin.

Project: GPU Implementation of Gaussian Process Models;Supervisor: Marc Deisenroth.

Gerard Haughian, Ashley Cutmore, Alexandre Dalyac, Stewart Douglas, Simon Leigh and John McCormac.

Project: Plant Recogniser

The Corporate Partnership Programme Awards for Academic Excellence


Value: £500 per studentPrize Certificate

Awarded for academic excellence, to students with an overall distinction and the highest exam marks.

This year's winners:

MSc Computing Science: Moritz Schrenk and John McCormac

MSc Computing (Specialism): Cyril Novel and Vincent Thiberville.

MSc Advanced Computing: Georgios Papamakarios and Romain Barnoud.

MRes Advanced Computing: Shengjia Shao.

The Winton Capital Applied Computing MSc Project Prize


Winton Capital Management LogoValue: £500 Shared

Awarded to an MSc student in the Department of Computing for an outstanding performance on their final project.

This year's winner: Georgios Papamakarios


2014 Postgraduate Projects

MSc Computing

MSc in Advanced Computing

Georgios Papamakarios, Robust Low-Rank Modelling on Matrices and Tensors, Supervisor:  Stefanos Zafeiriou.

MRes in Advanced Computing

Shengjia Shao, Accelerating Transfer Entropy Computation, Supervisor: Wayne Luk