The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. The prize winning and distinguished projects from previous years are listed below. In most cases the reports can be downloaded electronically. The Governor's Prize is awarded to the top graduating student on each degree programme. The Governor's Prize winners who complete a distinguished project are identified separately in the list below.


Governors’ Prizes

 Awarded to an outstanding final year student in the Department in each of the following courses: MEng and BEng in Computing and JMC

Jeremy Kong (MEng4, 1st place overall and best project)
Symbolic Model Checking for Linear Dynamic Logic Supervisor: Prof. Alessio Lomuscio
Nandor Licker (BEng3, 1st place overall and best BEng Computing project)
MobileAR: Rendering Virtual Objects using Sampled Lights on a Mobile Device Supervisor: Dr. Abhijeet Ghosh
JMC MEng: Maciej Olejnik (JMC MEng4, 1st place overall)
Probabilistic Programming and Discrete Time Markov Chains Supervisor: Dr.Herbert Wiklicky
JMC BEng: Daniel Simig (JMC BEng4, 1st place overall)
Turning Flows into Trees: Graph Analytics for Aerodynamic Flows Supervisor: Prof. Paul Kelly

The Centenary Prize

 Awarded annually to a final year undergraduate student for an outstanding overall performance.

George Steed (MEng4, 2nd place overall and for excellence in project work)
A Principled Design of Capabilities in Pony Supervisor: Prof. Sophia Drossopoulou

Departmental Prizes for Excellence

Awarded to a final year student for outstanding overall performance.

Robert Zhou (MEng4, 7th placed student with 80% and no other prize, £200) 
Query Analyzer for Apache Pig  Supervisor: Dr Peter McBrien
Sinduran Sivarajan (BEng3, 2nd placed student with 80% and no other prize, £200)
Bird Sound Classification Supervisor: Dr.Björn Schuller
Dan Danaila (JMC MEng4, 2nd placed student with 82% and no other prize, £200)
Enhancing Facebook’s RocketSpeed Publish/Subscribe System Supervisor: Dr. Peter Pietzuch
Yordan Chaparov (JMC MEng4, 3rd placed student with 81% and no other prize, £200)
Massively Parallel Data Management on Neuromorphic Hardware Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Heinis
Karl Chan (JMC BEng3, 2nd placed student with 80% and no other prize, £200)
Active Delay Warning Transport App Supervisor: Dr. Peter McBrien

IBM Project Prize

Awarded annually to the students who produce one of the best Individual Projects. 

Jeremy Kong (MEng4) Symbolic Model Checking for Linear Dynamic Logic  Supervisor:Prof. Alessio Lomuscio

ARM Project Prize

For annual award to an undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in the area of computer systems.

Preeya Joshi
MajorKey: Recovering cryptographic data from applications Supervisor: Dr. Emil LUPU

Microsoft Prize

Awarded to a final year student for an outstanding individual project. 

Conrad Watt (MEng4)
A Logic for Proving Total Correctness of Blocking Algorithms Supervisor: Prof. Philippa Gardner

The Winton Capital Applied Undergraduate Project Prize
 Awarded to an undergraduate student in the Department of Computing for an outstanding performance on their final project.

 Nicolas Prettejohn  UG   £1,200 
Phishing Website Identification through Visual Clustering  Supervisor: Dr. Ben Glocker
 Oliver Grubin             MSc £1,200 
 Jake Cracknell           UG      £750

New Voice Media Prize

Awarded for an outstanding individual project in the area of data science
Adrian Draghici (MEng4)
Cloud computing for big data experiments   Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

The Corporate Partnership Programme Awards

Awarded to a final year student for outstanding achievement in their projects.

Luke Cheeseman (MEng4)
Values as Type Parameters Efficient, flexible containers in Pony  Supervisor: Prof. Sophia Drossopoulou
Stanislav Dragiev (MEng4)
An Abductive-Inductive Algorithm for Probabilistic Inductive Logic Pr  Supervisor: Dr Alessandra Russo 
Kaho Sato (MEng4)
Automatic Verification of Teleo-reactive Programs Using a Model Checker Supervisor: Prof. Alessio Lomuscio
Alan Vey (MEng4)
Value Chain Applied to the UK’s Independent Film Industry  
Supervisor Prof: William Knottenbelt
Niklas Steidl (MEng4)
A Time Travelling Debugger for Python Supervisor: 
Dr. Robert Chatley

Donald Davies Memorial Prize 
Funded by Farncombe Technology Ltd. Awarded annually for the JMC student who produces the best final year project.
This is normally shared.

Brian Liu (JMC4)
On overlapping community-based networks Supervisor: Dr Marc P. Deisenroth
Yong L. Loh (JMC4)

Formicary Software Engineering Prizes

There are two prizes awarded for excellent end of year examination performances in the Software Engineering domain. One prize is awarded to a first year student and the second is awarded to a second year student (counting only 2nd year marks).

The top students in Comp1 and Comp2:
Panayiotis Panayiotou (Comp1) and 
Jan Matas (Comp2).

The Adrian Israel Memorial Prize

Awarded for excellence in the first year. 
Fangyi Zhou

The Gloucester Research Prizes
Value: one prize of £200 (for first named MEng3), nine prizes of £100 each Awarded annually to up to ten non-final year students of each of the Departments of Computing, Mathematics and Physics for academic excellence. 

JMC: JMC Board To Decide (JMC2); Funded by Maths: JMC Board To Decide (JMC1)
MEng3: Ilija RadosavovicDavid PollakPiotr Chabierski
Comp2: Radu Szasz, Giulio Jiang, Michael Carneciu 
Comp1: Myles LeeEmanuele RossiThi Nguyen.

Group Projects

BlackRock Prize

Awared for best HCD project in the 2nd Year (£50 per student)  Thomas Szyszko, Daniel Grumberg, Saurav Mitra, Amin Karamlou, Paul Benn Darias
Cardspark: Martin Xu, William Aboh, Glen Rodgers, Leanne Lyons

The Olav Beckmann Project Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding second year undergraduate laboratory project work (individual or group).
Louis Blin, Giulio Jiang, Saturnin Pugnet

The IBM 2nd Year Group Project Prize

Awarded to one (or split between two) second year project groups for best third term project. 
Elliot Greenwood, James Lane, Michael Radigan, Paul Lietar

The Palantir Forward Group Project Prize

Awarded to an Outstanding Third Year Group Project for Software Engineering Excellence applied to solve an Important Real-World Problem
OpenRoomAlive: Ilija Radosavovic, Piotr Chabierski, Qiao Han, Nandor Licker, Michal Sienkiewicz

The David Howarth Group Project Prize

Awarded for excellence in group projects in the final year undergraduate
Plinius Bringing Transparency to Product Provenance: Georgi Ivanov, Slavyan Gradev, Ronan Kumar, Rad Ploshtakov, David Pollak, Henry Young,


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