Mu: MEng Soft. Eng.

"I was in a development role in the Java Technology Centre at IBM, assigned to create a proof of concept that merged my team's templating technology with an emerging Lotus product..."

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Gavin: MEng Soft. Eng.

"In the summer of 2009 I completed an Industrial Placement with Google in California. I worked in the Audio team which works on automating the Radio Advertising industry..."

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An Industrial Placement is a compulsory part of both our four year Computing Masters in Engineering (MEng) and our four year Masters in Mathematics & Computer Science (MEng) degree programmes.

The MEng undergraduate programme consists of four years of study at Imperial and six months of industrial training (four months for JMC), after the second term of the third year.

Every year approximately 80 students undertake an industrial placement in a wide variety of companies.

Companies that have taken industrial placement students include IBM, Philips, HPLB, CERN, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS Warburg, Barclays Capital, and Citigroup to name a few. A very high proportion of students are offered jobs in the companies when they graduate which indicates the success of the scheme.

Projects include producing graphics special effects for the Foundry, a small company selling special effects tools to the film and TV industry; performance evaluation at CERN of the GRIDFTP protocol across an inter-continental 2.5GBps link; and a graphical interface for organising a visit to a city using agent services at Fujitsu Labs in California.

Previous available placements (2014)

Finance or Financial Services

  • Argent Mayfair
  • Barclays
  • BH-DG Systematic Trading LLP
  • Bloomberg
  • Thoughtified
  • Credit Suisse
  • Edesia
  • Flextrade
  • Formicary Limited
  • Goldman Sachs
  • G-Research
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Moore Europe Capital Management
  • UBS

Software / Technology

  • Capacitas
  • CopyCopy
  • Ericsson Television
  • IBM
  • Illy
  • Intel
  • LShift
  • Mind Link Software Limited
  • Netcraft
  • Ocado
  • SwiftKey



  • ARM
  • Meshpower
  • Orange Labs UK
  • SAP (UK), Belfast
  • Xerox Research Centre Europe


Games / Media


  • EA Games
  • New Voice Media
  • Turbulenz

Web / Internet Services / Marketing

  • Amadeus
  • Amazon (Development Centre London)
  • Expedia
  • Geckoboard
  • Google
  • The Hut Group
  • Rakuten
  • Unboxed Consulting


  • Altera
  • Cellcrypt
  • Maxeler
  • Omniphone
  • Resilient Networks
  • YossarianLives!