The Distributed Software Engineering Section (DSE) research covers a broad range of topics in distributed systems and software engineering.

Distributed systems research includes experimentation with middleware, mobile ad hoc and sensor networks, and cloud computing.

We have developed an open source framework for managing large-scale experimentation processes, techniques for probabilistic fault localisation and identification, and software tools for cloud services performance enhancement being evaluated for use by Microsoft.  We are investigating applications such as smart cities, flood plain monitoring and management of water networks.

Systems management and security research focuses on policy management concepts.

We have developed a suite of tools for adaptive behaviour management, policy analysis and refinement, trust management, information dissemination and break-glass overriding of policies ( Potential applications include body sensor networks, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, firewalls, and crisis management.

Requirements and software engineering research focuses on automated techniques and tools for requirements specification elaboration and synthesis of adaptive software systems.

Significant achievements include pioneering the synergistic use of inductive logic programming and abduction with model checking techniques to support synthesis of scenarios and goals into operational requirements, and automated adaptive control synthesis techniques.

Data management and database research focuses on the development of scalable access methods and algorithms for the growing amounts of data. This includes the development of indexes and algorithms for the efficient analysis of big data and the optimisation of databases and algorithms for novel storage media and memory hierarchies. The research is directly used in a range of scientific applications.


PhotoResearch Interests
Photo of Dr Dalal Alrajeh

Dr. Dalal Alrajeh

Formal Reasoning Techniques for Diagnosing and Repairing Faults in Partial Declarative Specifications.

Photo of Dr. Paolo Costa

Dr. Paolo Costa (Visiting Research Fellow)

Intersection of Distributed Systems and Networking with Emphasis on Large-Scale Networked Systems. 

 Photo of Dr Naranker Dulay  

Dr. Naranker Dulay  (Deputy Head of Section)

Security, Pervasive-Mobile-Distributed Systems, Networking, Software Engineering, Systems and Network Management, and Applied Machine Learning.


Dr. Antonio Filieri

Exact and approximate methods for probabilistic software analysis and probabilistic programming, Control Theory for Software Engineering, and Runtime-efficient and incremental verification of quantitative and functional software properties

  Photo of Dr Thomas Heinis

 Dr. Thomas Heinis

Scientific Data Management, Distributed Data Processing, Spatial Databases, Indexing 

  Photo of Prof Jeff Kramer

 Prof. Jeff Kramer

Distributed Computing, Software Architectures, Behaviour Analysis, Software Evolution and Change,  Adaptive Software Systems and Requirements Analysis.

  Photo of Prof Kin Leung

 Prof. Kin Leung (joint with EEE)

Wireless Communications, Wireless Technologies, Communication Networks and Stochastic Modeling and Queueing Theory

  Photo of Prof Jorge Lobo

 Prof. Jorge Lobo (Visiting Professor)

AI, Network and Distributed Systems Management, Security and Privacy.

  Photo of Dr Emil Lupu

 Dr. Emil Lupu

Adaptive Systems and Security,  Applied to: Personal Networks for Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile ad-hoc networks,  moretraditional networked infrastructures, data quality and protection, Security for sensor based environments, Security Management and Authorisation Policies.

  Photo of  Dr. Peter McBrien

 Dr. Peter McBrien

Data Integration, Information Systems Modelling and Distributed Databases

  Photo of Prof Julie McCann

 Prof. Julie McCann

Decentralised Algorithms, Protocols, Cross-Layered Solutions to Wireless Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous and Mobile computing and Autonomic Computing. 

Photo of Dr Peter Pietzuch

Dr. Peter Pietzuch

Distributed Systems, Systems and Data Management and the Design and Engineering of Scalable, and Reliable and Secure Large-Scale Software Systems.

  Photo of Dr Alessandra Russo

 Dr. Alessandra Russo

Computational Logic, Logic-based Symbolic Learning, Probabilistic and Distributed Inference, and their applications to Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Security, Network Management, Distributed Control Systems for Sensor Networks, and System Biology.


 Professor Morris Sloman (Head of DSE)

Pervasive systems, adaptive distributed systems, and policy-based management .

Photo of Dr Sebastian Uchitel

Dr. Sebastian Uchitel

Software Engineering, Modelling and Analysis as a means to gain confidence in requirements, design and code artefacts, Partial Behaviour Models, Scenario-Based Specifications, Verification of Probabilistic Systems, Controller Synthesis, Machine Learning for Automated Diagnosis, Automatic Abstraction for Validation, and Adaptive Systems.

  Photo of Prof. Alexander Wolf

Prof. Alexander Wolf

Distributed Systems, Networking, and Software Engineering, Seminal Work in Software Architecture, Business Analytics, and Information-Centric Networks, Cloud Computing, Data-Center Networking, and Service-Based Systems.

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