Security research


Security is a fundamental concern in computing systems, ranging from low-level hardware to operating systems to high-level cloud computing infrastructures.

At the same time, security is a fundamental concern in an uncertain world and IT is widely believed to be a key technology in making the world safer from the threats of terrorists, hackers, industrial and military spies, and natural or economic disasters.

Our security research therefore reflects the multitude of these needs and challenges by engaging in a wide spectrum of research activities. The problems we study and the solutions we produce reach from foundational issues of computer security of the future to requirements of today's real-world and complex security domains.


Cristian CadarNaranker Dulay, Philippa Gardner, Chris Hankin, Michael Huth (Head of Group), Alessio Lomuscio, Wayne Luk, Emil Lupu, Sergio Maffeis, Peter McBrien, Peter Pietzuch, Fariba Sadri, Morris Sloman, Francesca Toni, Herbert Wiklicky, Alexander Wolf