All are welcome to our postgraduate courses. 

 All first-year PhD students have to attend a minimum number of postgraduate courses as part of their MPhil-to-PhD transfer requirement. Students in the CMTH group are strongly encouraged to attend two courses run by members of the CMTH staff.

Mathematics for the Theory of Materials

Dr Arash Mostofi and Dr Paul Tangney

This is a 30-hour lecture course with 10 rapid feedback sessions, covering essential mathematical tools for the physical sciences:

  • Vector spaces and tensors
  • Green's functions
  • Hilbert spaces
  • Integral transforms
  • Partial differential equations
  • Complex analysis and contour integration
  • Calculus of variations

Numerical Methods

Dr Eamonn Murray and Prof Peter Haynes

This course introduces basic concepts and techniques in computational physics. 

This is a self-study course with 26 hours of contact time and feedback sessions.  It provides a gently introduction to Unix and basic C++ programming before covering a wide range of numerical methods which are important in computational physics, including differential equations, Fourier transforms and linear equations.

Please note that as the course is heavily oriented towards practical
applications, a suitable laptop is required and Dr Spencer and Prof Haynes must be informed beforehand.