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Professor Andrew Bush
Andrew Bush is Professor of Paediatric Respirology, Imperial School of Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, and Consultant Paediatric Chest Physician, Royal Brompton Hospital. He has served as head of the Paediatric Assembly, European Respiratory Society, and is currently Deputy Editor, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care Medicine. His research interests include the invasive and non-invasive assessment of airway inflammation, therapy resistant asthma, and airway remodelling in inflammatory airway diseases. He has published nearly 300 peer review papers, and numerous chapters and invited reviews.

Professor Chris Corrigan
Chris Corrigan is a member of the MRC and Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma, based at Guy’s Hospital.  His main research interests are:

  • The mechanisms of airways remodelling in asthma
  • The role of IL-25 in asthma pathogenesis Molecular mechanisms of corticosteroid resistance in asthma
  • The role of Vitamin D analogues in modifying clinical responsiveness to corticosteroid in asthma
  • Environmental effects on airway epithelial cells which may be relevant to the initiation of asthmatics inflammation
  • Dendritic cellular responses to a\allergen immunotherapy
  • Pathophysiology of aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease

Dr Louise Fleming
Louise Fleming is a Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College London. Her research interests include the use of non-invasive markers of inflammation in the management of children with asthma. She has carried out studies including a randomised control trial comparing management based on controlling sputum eosinophils with conventional symptom based management, and the use of daily exhaled nitric oxide measurements in children with asthma.

She is currently working on protocol development with the U-BIOPRED consortium (Unbiased Biomarkers for the Prediction of Respiratory Disease Outcomes - understanding severe asthma) and has been involved in setting up the newly established National Registry for Difficult Asthma.

Professor Jonathan Grigg
Jonathan Grigg is Professor of Pediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine and honorary consultant paediatrician at Barts and the London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University Lon don. He trained in paediatrics at Great Ormond Street and the John Radcliffe Infirmary. After clinical research fellowships at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine (Texas), he moved to the Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) as a research fellow.

On return to the UK in 1996, he was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at the University of Leicester, and moved to his current position in 2006. His environmental research focuses on the effects of particulate m atter (P M) air pollution on children’s health. He developed the use of airway macrophage carbon as a marker of individual exposure to PM10 – applying this technique to children in low- and high-income countries.

More recently, his research has focused on identifying the mechanism for the asso ciation between air pollution and vulnerability to bacterial pneumonia.

Professor Tari Haahtela
Professor Tari Haahtela is the Head of Allergy Department, Skin an d Allergy Hospital, Helsi nki University Hospital, Finland.  He is a specialist in Pulmonary Medicine and Allergology, and Professor of Clinical A llergology in Helsinki University. He is the Chairman of the Finnish Asthma (1994-2004) and Allergy Programmes (2008-2018). He is an Editorial Board member of several scientific journals, Board member of Global Initiative of Asthma (GINA) and World Allergy Organisation (WAO). His research interest is the origin of allergy, asthma and other immune disorders, and especially their association to environmental and life-style changes.  

Professor John Holloway
John Holloway heads the Respiratory Genetics Group, based in the Human Development and Health and Clinical and Experimental Sciences Academic Units. The Respiratory Genetics Group undertakes a number of research projects into the genetic basis of allergy, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Research highlights include the identification of the gene ADAM33 as an asthma susceptibility gene. His work currently focuses on the genetic and epigenetic basis for the role of early life in determining susceptibility to these conditions.  Professor Holloway was appointed to a personal chair in the Faculty of Medicine in 2011. As well as his on-going research, he contributes to Clinical Pharmacology and Molecular Cell Biology teaching as part of the Bachelor of Medicine program.

Professor Clare Lloyd
Clare Lloyd obtained BSc and PhD degrees in Immunology from King's College in London and completed Postdoctoral fellowships at Guys Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the US. I spent some time in Biotech at Millennium P harmaceutical s in Boston, then returned to the UK in 1999 to take up a Wellcome Senior Fellowship at Imperial College. My group is studying interactions between infiltrating inflammatory cells and resident lung cells a fter exposure to allergen. We are focused on the cells and molecules contributing to the development and resolution of allergen induced airway remodelling. We have developed a number of acute and chronic mouse models of allergic inflammation and have a particular interest in the influence of early life events on the pulmonary immune system.

Dr Andrew Menzies-Gow
Dr Menzies-Gow is a consultant respiratory physician at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. He is the clinical lead for severe asthma and also has clinical interests in allergy and eosinophilic lung disease. He is an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College with ongoing research interests in severe asthma and novel therapies for asthma.

Dr Onn Min Kon
Dr Onn M in Kon is Consultant Respiratory Physician, St Mary's Hospital, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College. He is also an Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital NHS Trust and lead clinician of the Imperial Clinical Respiratory Unit at St Mary's. He qualified from University College and the Middlesex Hospital Medical School and trained in Respiratory Medicine in North West Thames. His research interests are in airway disease, smoking related airway disease and respiratory infections. He has a strong clinical and academic interest in tuberculosis. He is the Lead Clinician in Tuberculosis for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the North West London TB Sector.

Dr Sejal Saglani
Subsequent to completing her sub-specialty training in respiratory paediatrics, Dr Sejal Saglani obtained a British Lung Foundation Research Fellowship to develop a neonatal mouse model of allergic airways disease. She now has a Wellcome Intermedi ate Clinical Fellowship, and is Clinical Senior Lecturer in respiratory paediatrics at Imperial College and The Royal Brompton Hospital, London. Her research interests include the pathology of infant and preschool wheeze, mechanisms of onset of airway remodelling in severe preschool wheeze, and disease modifying therapies for preschool wheeze and childhood difficult asthma.

Dr Omar Usmani
Dr Omar Usmani is Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Physician at the National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London & Royal Brompton Hospital. He undertook his PhD at Imperial College and received th e NHLI, Best PhD Prize in 2005 for his dissertation on Inhaled Drug Delivery.

Dr Usmani is a Principal Investigator and his major research interests are in Asthma and COPD. His current research themes are Inhaled Drug Delivery, Lung Imaging and Small Airways Physiology and he is also involved in research in Cough Pharmacology and the Molecular Biology of Inhaled Therapeutic Drugs.

Dr Usmani runs the Chronic Cough Clinic and is part of the Consultant-led COPD Service at the Royal Brompton Hospital.