MedEth Conference

20 September 2019

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  • Duration: 1 day
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    - £250 
    - Limited number of conference grants available to postgraduate students and FY1 and 2 doctors. Full information regarding IME grants can be found at IME

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in association with the British Medical Association and the Institute of Medical Ethics

Few these days would deny that justice and fairness are important components of medical and health care ethics- but what do we mean by the terms and just how do they and should they impinge of medical and health care practice ? This year the final day of Imperial College’s annual one week intensive course in medical ethics will also comprise a stand-alone one day conference on justice and fairness in medical and health care ethics. If you wish to explore the role of this complex component of medical and health care ethics, but are unable to attend the five day course, why not enrol for this one-day conference? 

Seven plenary speakers will approach the subject from their varied perspectives- philosophy (James Wilson), care ethics (Ann Gallagher), health inequalities (Sir Michael Marmot), health economics (Richard Cookson), medical law (Emily Jackson), human rights (Julian Sheather) and medical ethics (Albert Weale). There will be no small group discussions but time is built in for audience participation. The conference will be chaired by Raanan Gillon.  

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