Provisional schedule

Day 1
09.00‑09.45 History of child public health, international, national and local priorities Prof Mitch Blair
09.45‑10.30 Scientific Foundation of Life Course Epidemiology and Social Determinants of Child Health Prof Alina Rodriguez
10.30‑10.55 Break  
10.55‑12.30 Practical Lab Work “Finding your local priorities”   
12.30‑13.15 Lunch break  
13.15‑14.00 Health Promotion Quiz & Workshop – What is it and How Does it Work?  Dr Marilena Korkodilos
14.00‑14.45 Equity and variations in child health Dr Dougal Hargreaves
14.45‑17.00 Self-Directed Learning: Preparation for Debates - Webcasts E-learning  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers
Day 2

Debate:  Topic 1 – “Mandatory immunisation is better for population health” / Topic 2 – “The UK screens for fewer newborn and childhood conditions with most other countries with simialr resources. This is regrettable and many more conditions should be included”

Prof Helen Bedford and Dr David Elliman
10.30‑10.55 Break  
10.55‑11.45 Making every contact count – Motivational Interviewing in Clinic Prof Mitch Blair
11.45‑12.45 Injury Prevention Prof Mitch Blair
12.45‑13.30 Lunch break  
13.30‑14.15 A child rights based approach to care of vulnerable children Dr Anna Battersby
14.15‑15.15 Child Mental Health Promotion in Schools Dr Dasha Nicholls
15.15‑15.45 Break  
15.45‑16.30 Breast Feeding Promotion Dr Alison Spiro
16.30‑17.00 Assignment briefing and conclusion  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers