Introducing the CQD-CDT

Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT'S)

The new way of doing a PhD in the UK! Funded the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the CDTs provide considerably more training than the standard route, and empower the students in their choice of research topics, as they give the student time to learn the principles of the field and the wide variety of things going on before they make this crucial choice.

They are more fun - you doing your PhD in a cohort of about 10 fellow students, with whom you learn the area of research.

The CDTs are also well funded, allowing our students to engage in other activities that develop the breadth of their knowledge plus transferable skills training including outreach and public engagement.

Controlled Quantum Dynamics with NPL and Toshiba

The Controlled Quantum Dynamics CDT offers both university based (at Imperial and at other UK universities) and partner PhD projects. Our partners are research laboratories who are active in controlled quantum dynamics: Toshiba Labs and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The research atmosphere is very similar to a university lab, for example, the NPL has more than 150 postgraduate students working on various projects. Since our partners provide a dedicated source of funding, applications for positions with them can be considered at any time. The MRes part of the CDT degree is exactly the same regardless of the PhD partner.

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