Once we notify you by email that you have been selected and you informally accept the offer, a formal offer is sent to your eservice account within two weeks.

The offer is conditional in the first instance. All the conditions that you are required to meet will be outlined on your account.

Please see below further information on accepting your offer and procedures before the start of term:

offer holders

Responding to your offer

You should accept your conditional offer within 28 days of it appearing on eservice.

We do not expect the majority of applicants to be able to fulfil the conditions at this point as most of you will not have completed your studies. 

It may be possible to extend your offer deadline, but this will be considered on a case by case basis. If you wish to request an extension to your deadline, please contact miranda.smith@imperial.ac.uk

Meeting the offer conditions

These are all the possible conditions of an offer and how to fulfil them. Please check your offer carefully and see how to fulfil the conditions that are outlined for you.

Conditions of Offer

The possible offer conditions are: payment of deposit, confirming details of official sponsor, academic conditions of offer, ATAS clearance and the English Language requirement

Payment of 10% Deposit 

Once you have accepted the offer, you will be required to pay 10% deposit of the tuition fees for current the academic year. An invoice will be sent automatically within approximately five days of accepting the offer.  The deposit should be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice not the date of the offer. We may be able to request an extension to the due date of the invoice but the deposit requirement may not be waived. Only CDT-funded students are exempt from paying the deposit. CDT-funded students who receive an invoice or has this listed as a condition should notify the CDT office.

Confirming the details of the sponsor

CDT-funded students should provide the details of sponsor as: CQD-CDT, Physics Department, South Kensington.
Students funded by a third party should provide the details on e-service and send a confirmation of the sponsorship.
Purely self- funded students do not need to provide any evidence but do need to tick the box saying they will be responsible for payment of tuition fees.

Academic conditions of offer

To fulfil the academic conditions, you are required to send your original degree certificate to registry. Students who are undertaking studies in the UK or Ireland and are not able to provide the original certificate immediately after completion may use the statement of qualifications to fulfil this condition. The statement must be signed and stamped by the registry in your institution and not the department. In both cases the original documents should be sent by registered post quoting your CID number (the number preceded by 00 which was generated upon the submission of your application) to the following address:

 Registry Admissions
Imperial College London
Level 3 Sherfield Building
South Kensington Campus

ATAS Certificate confirming your Clearance

Overseas students will need to obtain ATAS clearance before a non conditional offer can be made.
The CDT provides you with a statement of research through eservice to help you obtain ATAS clearance. The JACS code will be included in the statement. Further information and guidance can found on the College's ATAS page.

English Language Requirement

IELTS and TOEFL can be verified online. For IELTS, you can provide your Test Report Form Number or a scanned copy of your certificate to the admissions team. For TOEFL you can send your 16 digit registration number of a scanned copy of your certificate. The email address for the admissions team is ns.admissions@imperial.ac.uk. Please quote your CID number in the email. The College considers the scores to be valid for two years and must be valid at the beginning of your studies if you are admitted.
Other options of fulfilling this condition and the current English level required can be found on the college's English language requirement page.


The CDT does not arrange accommodation for prospective students. Once you have accepted your offer, you will be sent an invitation to apply for accommodation by the accommodation office by the end of May on an online system called STROL (Students Rooms Online). The process of applying for accommodation and the key dates can be found on the CollegesAccommodation application page 

Information about living in the private sector is also provided on the Accommodation website

If you wish to contact either the incoming or current CDT students about possible accommodation arrangements, please inform us so that we may put you in contact with them.

Forms to be completed

For the CDT-funded students, you will need to complete the forms below, details regarding their completion and the deadline for completion will be emailed to you.



form(a) Bursary form : In order to set up your bursary payments you will need to ensure that you have uploaded the correct bank details to your e-service account. Bursaries are paid on the 7th day of the month or the Friday before if the 7th falls on a weekend.  As the term will start approximately one week before the first payment on 7th October, please come prepared with some money to keep you for one week. 




(b) EPSRC Nomination forms : Those CDT students funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) will need to complete this form. The form collects information to be fed to the research council. This form is to be completed by the fully funded and fees only students.


Once you have fulfilled all the offer conditions, you will receive an automatic email prompting you to register online. You will be asked to upload a photograph. This option will be available until the day before you start. Please ensure that you do so that we may have your College ID card ready on the day that you arrive. The academic year 2017/2018 will commence on 1st October 2017, and you will be able to register in the student e-Service from early September. Your first day at the CDT will be Monday 2nd October 2017.

Overseas students will be asked to upload a scanned copy of the photo page of their passport and to enter their passport number. (This is related to new Tier 4 visa guidelines).

New student information

All new students need to know before they start: http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/students/newstudents

Campus life and life in London:http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/campus_life

Start of term

The term will officially start on Saturday 1st October 2017 when those who will be accommodated in the halls of residence can report but you will be expected to report at the CDT, Whiteley Suite on Monday 2nd October 2016.

Key induction information

The timetable in particular will be useful for the induction events and venues during the first week.