The work of the Department of Medicine is enhanced by collaboration with people working or studying with other institutes or companies. To facilitate this association, the College may confer honorary titles for a period of time while the arrangement is in place.

There are a number of titles that can be applied for depending on the individual’s current title, as well as the nature of their association. For guidance on titles please see the College information pages.

Honorary staff should have a proposer from within the Department who will start the application process. If you are looking to formalise an association with an honorary contract then please contact your collaborators to discuss.

If you are a member of Departmental staff who would like to start the process of applying for an honorary contract for an associate then please contact your Divisional Operations Assistant.

Brain Sciences 

Nicola Thompson

Experimental Medicine

Nicola Thompson

Infectious Diseases 

Magdalena Homa

Immunology and Inflammation 

Jonathan Shepherd

Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism 

Erwin Kooistra


Please note that associations for undergraduate teaching only are processed by the Faculty Education Office. Associations that combine research or postgraduate teaching with undergraduate teaching are considered by the Department.