I am an academic and the mother of two young girls. Their contrasting natures remind me that understanding how different cell identities are defined and maintained in the course of development remains a challenge in biology. I am a basic scientist who is passionate about this fundamental question and the head of the Epigenetics and Development research group at the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology.

Over the past 10 years, I have developed a genuine and active interest in supporting the development of others. I am most proud of the achievement of alumni group members who have became academics in their own rights in prestigious institutions.

Today, I mentor postdocs and junior group heads as part of the Faculty of Medicine Mentoring Scheme and externally. I actively contribute to the implementation of Athena SWAN related changes within our department with a specific focus on Postdoc and Fellow career development. 


I act as Departmental Postdoc and Fellow champion to ensure that their voices are represented at the department and faculty level and that their specific needs for career development and training support are continuously considered and met. The priority areas of our actions include:

  • Taking an active role, together with postdoc reps and department staff in organising events relevant to postdocs and fellows
  • Encouraging and facilitating networking between postdocs and fellows from different research groups within the department and across the College
  • Providing advice to postdocs and fellows on available development training and support


  • Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre - We are skillfully supported by the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre, which provides a tailored programme of activities supporting the personal and professional development of postdocs and fellows working at Imperial.
  • Faculty of Medicine mentoring scheme – Mentoring can be hugely beneficial for postdocs looking to develop and progress, offering the opportunity to find a mentor within the department or faculty who can share their expertise and knowledge.

Our postdoc reps

One key way the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre stays abreast of the needs and issues facing postdocs is through our postdoc representatives, who form part of Imperial's Postdoc Reps NetworkReps are the essential bridge between the department and our postdoc community across campuses. They also play a vital role in championing postdoc issues via the People and Culture committee.

Find out more about all our Surgery and Cancer postdoc reps and the support and opportunities that are available.