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Developing a better understanding of human health and disease through top-down systems biology approaches

The Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine (forming part of the Division of Systems and Digestive Medicine) engages in a wide range of interdisciplinary research aimed at developing a better understanding of human health and disease. Led by Professor Elaine Holmes, the centre brings together collaborative teams of researchers, with diverse expertise including molecular phenotyping, toxicology, computational biology, microbiome profiling and statistical analysis.

Our computational and systems medicine researchers work with complex patient data, modelling them in unique and interactive ways that allow clinicians to make better-informed decisions about patient care.

Pioneering data-driven techniques

An interdisciplinary research team delivering innovative solutions for healthcare and public health

"Making measurements on patients and modelling them in ways to improve doctors' decision-making about managing the patient pathway, and ultimately improving patient safety. On a day-to-day basis, taking complex patient data and modelling it in unique, interactive ways that allow doctors to make better decisions about patient care."

Professor Jeremy Nicholson