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CSM provide a number of opportunities for schools, college, and community groups through their outreach and engagement programme.

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Communicating our research and vision to the wider world

Staff and students in CSM are involved in a number of activities aimed at encouraging a greater interest in, and support of, science and technology, and regularly engage in outreach activities at Imperial, or elsewhere in schools, colleges and at public events. Participation is aimed at showcasing how scientific research in the laboratory is relevant in real-world scenarios, why it is so important, and to help provide insight into research and teaching as a career.  

The Division has a dedicated Outreach Committee who help coordinate various activities including:

  • Demonstrations
  • Workshops
  • Open days
  • Work experience
  • Outreach events

Find out more about our outreach and engagement programme:

TEDx talk by Lata Govada on crystals and crystallography

Video - Lata Govada - TEDx talk

The secret lives of crystals

"These protein crystals are even more fascinating that diamonds because they have a wealth of information stored in them, and studying these crystals will allow you to study the function of how they work in the body."

Lata Govada

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Demonstration and Workshops in Schools

CSM are actively involved in delivering a range of tailored demonstrations and workshops in schools and sixth-form colleges. These activities are designed to help students connect their own learning to real-world research conducted in CSM. Our portfolio of activities includes:

  • Colourful Chemistry - Exploring complex mixtures using chromatography
  • Painting with pH - Making and using indicators to explore specific chemical properties and produce works of art.
  • Enigmatic Protein Crystals - Growing crystals and exploring protein structure
  • Gut Instincts - School workshops and events based on the APC Microbiome Institute EPE model. More here. 

For more information about the available activities, please email


Public Engagement and Science Festivals

Imperial festivalConnecting science in CSM with the public represent an important way in which the value of research findings are communicated more widely, and help develop a dialogue between those who are ultimately both the funders and beneficiaries of the work.  The Division has a thriving public engagement programme and regularly participate in events such as the Imperial Festival, Big Bang Fair (UK’s biggest Science and Engineering event), Soap Box Science, TEDx talks, and at exhibitions and pop-up science at venues such as the Science Museum and the Royal Society. Members of CSM have also participated in schemes that support wider direct engagement in science practice, including the British Science Association Crest Awards and the recent Thinking With Your Hands initiative that brings together experts in diverse fields to explore fundamental connections they have relating to embodied knowledge (physical ways of knowing).

Science Careers Advice

STEMMany members of the Division participate in the 
STEMNET scheme as STEM Ambassadors, running events in schools as part of the school science curriculum, and at focused STEM career days. These events provide an opportunity to help students understand various routes to a career involving science, the value of gaining science capital, and broader perspectives on the relevance of laboratory science to everyday life.

Researchers in CSM are actively involved in helping young people realise their career aspirations through the Mayor of London Enterprise Adviser Network. This network connects experienced individuals from a diverse range of professional backgrounds with schools and harnesses their strategic planning skills to help develop their career development programmes. Enterprise advisers receive central training before being deployed on yearly placements in local schools, assessing their specific needs and helping create strategies for delivering enhanced careers experiences for young people. 

Work Experience Programme

CSM are active in providing placements for KS3/KS4 students who are keen to gain hands-on experience of life sciences laboratory work. Researchers in the Division have set aside time to host designated work experience weeks to host a limited number of enthusiastic students, who can benefit from joint sessions and discuss their experiences.  The next CSM work experience week is scheduled for 19th-23rd June 2017. The number of placements is limited, and outside this period are subject to additional approval.

Please email if you wish to discuss work experience placement opportunities in more detail.

Outreach committee members