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Prolifica (Prevention Of Liver Fibrosis & Cancer in Africa) is a project investigating liver cancer, which arises because of cirrhosis of the liver, a chronic condition that can stop the liver from functioning. The aim of the study is to reduce the risk of liver cancer in Africa by the suppression of Hepatitis B infection. We also hope to help develop diagnostics for detecting cancer in resource-poor countries.

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Hepatitis C Coalition

The Hepatitis C Coalition is a group of leading clinicians, patient organisations and other interested parties committed to the reduction of morbidity and mortality resulting from hepatitis C, and the eventual elimination of the virus.

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Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association

A group of leading European scientists, professors, public health experts and patient advocates created the Hepatitis B and C Summit Conferences Association, aimed primarily to deliver a summit conference on Hepatitis B and C in Europe.

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