The Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC) meets three times a year to discuss matters relating to the research degrees within the Department of Surgery and Cancer. Please see below the list of academics available as PGEC reps for your relevant reviews. 

Anaesthetics (Chelsea and Westminster)

Dr Daqing Ma 
Dr Istvan Nagy

Biosurgery and Surgical Technology

Dr Richard Abel - Charing Cross
Miss Sonal Arora - St Mary's
Prof Wendy Atkin - St Mary's
Dr Fernando Bello - St Mary's
Dr Dan Elson - South Kensington (Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies - Taught)
Prof Andrea Frilling - Hammersmith
Mr Chinmay Gupte - Charing Cross
Dr Long Jiao - Hammersmith
Mr James Kinross - St Mary's
Mr Daniel Leff - St Mary's
Dr Sheraz Markar - St Mary's
Dr Erik Mayer - St Mary's and South Kensington
Mr Mikael Sodergren
 - St Mary's
Dr Paul Strutton - Charing Cross
Mr Alex Von Roon - St Mary's

Cancer (Hammersmith)

Prof Michael Seckl (Director of Postgraduate Studies) 
Dr Charlotte Bevan
Dr Ana Costa-Pereira

Computational and Systems Medicine (South Kensington)

Dr Toby Athersuch
Dr Jake Bundy
Dr Marc Dumas
Dr Tim Ebbels (Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies - Research)
Dr Jia Li
Dr Jon Swann
Dr Liz Want

Reproductive and Developmental Biology (Hammersmith)

Dr Veronique Azuara
Dr Nick Dibb
Dr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami
Dr Mark Sullivan

St Mark's

Dr Naila Arebi
Prof Sue Clark
Prof Ailsa Hart

Support (not PGEC reps)

Ms Rebecca SmithSenior Postgraduate Education Administrator