This stream consists of two modules:

Elective practice

Musculoskeletal disorders represent a significant burden on health services internationally, with an ageing population that continues to grow. The module aims to inform students about the different types of pathology seen in orthoaedic elective practice, with an emphasis known complex aetiological factors. Contemporary and newer biological and robotic techniques are discussed to give the student an overview of current practice, as well as the possiblities for future innovation.

Trauma and fracture care

Traumatic injuries and fracture care continue to evolve. There is a risk of significant long-term morbidity if neglected. This module gives students an understanding of the major musculoskeletal injury patterns and the treatment available for them. Simulator sessions will be available to assess and encourage improvements in students surgical technique with common orthoapedic fracture fixation techniques.

Stream Organiser:  Mr Chinmay Gupte
Location: St Mary's Campus
Module Dates: 
Elective practice: 21 - 25 June 2021
Trauma and fracture care: 6 - 10 September 2021

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