Educational supervisors (ES) play a formal, GMC recognized, role in the training of NHS clinical staff.  Educational Supervisors act to support and monitor the longitudinal development and progression of trainees through coaching, mentoring and supervision, all of which are high-level interactive skills needing cultivation. 

The Developing Educational Supervisors short course provides a significant taster for you to apply a person-centered interactional model of conversation skills to the clinical supervision context. 

You will develop individual and team-based supervision skills, utilizing such models, through practice and coaching around real-world scenarios for educational supervisors.  Our short course references educational domains specified by the Academy of Medical Educator’s (AoME) Professional Standards Framework and adopted by the GMC to recognize Educational Supervisors.

If you take the assessed version of the short course you will reflect on your developing skills as a basis for critical evaluation of educational theories, practices and programmes around educational supervision.  Successful completion of the assessed modules will empower you to lead in the creation, evaluation and promotion of sound educational supervision initiatives.

By participating in our short courses you will also gain access to: 

  • Interactive approaches to teaching and coaching with experienced academic tutors, high-level external speakers, and workshops focused on developing focused areas of educational practice
  • A carefully considered professional development experience mapped to the AoME/GMC’s professional standards frameworks for supervisors.
  • A small-group learning environment where you can actively participate and share perspectives with others who have a keen interest in education and professional experience to draw upon.  This includes clinical peers such as our Diploma-Master’s students who are engaging at significant depth with clinical education through our wider programme. 

This course is led by Drs. Kirsten Dalrymple, Lisa Miller and John Launer.

How to apply and register

This course is likely to be offered in 2020, during the week beginning 1 June. Applications will open in November 2019.