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Studentship opportunities are listed here.

Applications are invited for PhD research studentships in the field of manufacturing and structural design for lightweight vehicles leading to the award of a PhD degree. The posts will be supported by a bursary and fees provided by Imperial College London.

The research work will focus on the development of innovative technologies in metal/composite forming, joining, and structural design, in terms of providing disruptive solutions to vehicle lightweighting. Through the PhD research, you will integrate the fundamental scientific understanding of materials with manufacturing processes relating to materials processing, thus developing microstructural-controlled, cost-effective techniques; or, you will integrate the advanced manufacturing techniques with structural design, combining physically based and data driven modelling with machining learning empowered optimisation, to fully explore the potential of structural performance. The research is funded by industrial partners and tackle the industrial challenges.

If you are interested, please send your CV (including GPA score) to Dr Nan Li at nan.li@imperial.ac.uk. 


PhD Studentship in Soft and Pliable Electrodes for Flexible Batteries 

Applications are invited for a PhD research studentship starting from October 2020 in the field of soft and pliable electrodes for flexible batteries. The studentship is supported by a bursary and full UK/EU fees.

In the design of flexible battery electrodes, trade-offs between energy/power capability and mechanical flexibility impede further progress in many emergent applications. We seek to understand the underlying causes of this by deploying optimal in situ/operando methods to characterise battery electrochemistry, electrode-electrolyte interface and electrical/ionic percolation in electrodes under mechanical deformation and will pursue further to establish improved metrology for flexible batteries.

If you are interested, please contact Dr Chandramohan George at chandramohan.george@imperial.ac.uk with your CV and a one page cover letter outlining your motivation for applying.


PhD Studentship in Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems Design and Analysis

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Academic & Research

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 Research Associate Deadline 18th July

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Teaching, Professional & Support

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‌‌This study is offered to students 13-18 years of age in education and involves a survey and a design project.  

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