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designVUE is a beta release. We rely on your feedback!

To report us a bug or request a new feature please visit the designVUE forum.


Problem: you double-clicked the .jar file but it won't run.

Check that you have Java installed.

Problem: you're certain you have Java installed, but the .jar file still won't run when you double-click it.

Your system may not be properly configured to handle executable .jars. This page from wikiHow suggests ways to deal with this issue.

Problem: you tried to open a .VPK or .VUE file by double-clicking it, but it wouldn't open.

Because the designVUE beta release is in .jar format, your system can't associate file types with it, so you can't open .VPK or .VUE files by double-clicking them. You need to open designVUE first, and then open your files from there.

When the full release of designVUE comes out, you will be able to associate file types with it and open them by double-clicking.

Problem: you tried to open a .VPK or .VUE file by double-clicking it, and it did open, but some of the nodes and images don't display properly.

This is probably because you have the original VUE installed, and your system associates .VPK or .VUE files with the original VUE. You need to open designVUE first and then open your .VPK or .VUE files from there.

Problem: you want to work with designVUE files using the original VUE.

designVUE files are not backward compatible with the original VUE program. If you also use the original VUE, please bear in mind that the files you create in designVUE will only work correctly in designVUE.

Problem: you opened your map, and all your IBIS nodes have disappeared.

If this has happened, three things are probably true:

  • your map is a .vpk or .vue file;
  • you have the original VUE installed;
  • you opened the map by double-clicking.

If you have the original VUE installed, and you double-click a .vpk or .vue file, your system automatically opens the file with the original VUE.

To avoid this, the new release of designVUE has a new file type, the .vdk file type. You need to start up designVUE and open your file using the File menu.

If you have the new designVUE (beta release v1.04 or higher) we recommend that you open the .vpk file in the new designVUE and save it with the new .vdk file type.