Carla Urbano Carla Urbano is amoungst the first cohort of students to study MEng in Design Engineering. Find out about why she decided to apply.

What are you most looking forward to about starting your MEng in Design Engineering? 

What I am most looking forward to is finding an engineering course that combines both art and science in just one degree . I will be able to keep learning maths and at the same time develop my creativity. I think this is the perfect degree to achieve it. 

 What is most exciting about the course – and being one of the first students at the Dyson School of Design Engineering?

When I applied for this degree, I didn't know it was a new course at Imperial, so when I found out I felt very flattered and motivated. It is a big challenge because we are going to be the ones to open the doors to the forthcoming students.

 What are your ambitions for your time at Imperial?

I would like to use my creativity to create and build sophisticated apparatus, as well as to live in an international environment surrounded by very smart people that will encourage me to learn new things. 

Historically there’s been a shortage of women in engineering – what drew you to the discipline of design engineering?

I have always liked maths and physics and the fact that most of my classmates were boys wasn't any problem at all. But what I was really passionate about was art and technical drawing, so this MEng in Design Engineering seemed the perfect degree for me.