Ina Roll Backe Ina is one of the first cohort of students to study MEng in Design Engineering. Find out about why she decided to apply.

What are you most looking forward to about starting your MEng in Design Engineering?

I’m most looking forward to combining two of my favourite things – creativity and engineering – to create designs that can make a difference. The opportunity we’re given to use our imagination and curiosity within a remarkable academic environment really makes this degree unique.

What is most exciting about the course – and being one of the first students at the Dyson School of Design Engineering?

I’m really excited about the projects and research opportunities. I firmly believe in learning both inside and outside of the classroom and enjoy applying information from books and lectures to real life experience and hands-on projects. Being one of the first students gives me a special motivation and drive that I hope will help me tackle the heavy mathematics. I applaud Imperial for creating such an original and innovative course!

What are your ambitions for your time at Imperial?

I want to benefit from everything the university has to offer, ranging from the knowledge and experience of my fellow students to the events and happenings in the city of London! And I really want to travel to space, but we’ll see about that one.