When you are approaching the 36 month mark (60 for PT) you will be asked by the PG Administrator to confirm your intentions. 

You must discuss with your supervisor which of the three options you wish to take:

  • Extend your registration.
  • Enter Completing Research Status (CRS).
  • Write Up Away from College (WUAC).

Submitting the Writing-Up Form

You can download the Writing-Up form on the right hand side of this page. This needs to be completed by yourself and your supervisor, before being signed off by the Director of Postgraduate Studies. The Senior Postgraduate Administrator will then process your intentions with Assessment Records. 

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Extending your Registration

Full tuition fees will be due for this extended period of registration. When making this decision you should bear in mind that the thesis submission deadline is four years from the date of initial registration and you should also consider any funding implications.

Entering Completing Research Status (CRS)

You are permitted to write-up your thesis in College for up to one year immediately following the end of your registration and all experimental work.

This allows you to have access to all College facilities for a registration fee of £200, payable either by you, the department or your sponsor. Students with CRS will have the same privileges as all full time students, e.g. library privileges, during the writing-up registration period and will be eligible to be issued with Council Tax exemption certificates.

More information is available here

Writing Up Away from College

You will not have access to College facilities whilst writing up your thesis, including no longer having a desk in the School. We advise students against WUAC as it often leads to additional obstacles during the writing-up process.

Whether you enter CRS or WUAC, the writing up period cannot be extended beyond one year.