We currently have 2 funded PhD positions to start in October 2021. An ICB-CRUK funded PhD scholarship of 4 years in collaboration with Prof Hector Keun from Imperial Medicine on a project entitled "Targeting G-quadruplex DNA to overcome resistance to PARP inhibitors" and an ICB funded 4 Years project (including 1 year of MRes) in collaboration with Prof Ramon Vilar and Prof Ed Tate from imperial chemistry on a project entitled: "Development of novel photochemical probes to investigate quadruplex DNA interactome in livings cells".

Please APPLY HERE for the appropriate project of interest. For further information get in touch with Marco directly.

Funded PostDoctoral positions will be advertised below when available. However, Marco is always eager to hear from talented scientists with deep interest in his research and motivated to join his team. Working in the ChemBioAge lab exposes researchers to a wide range of chemical and biological techniques, training them to work at the interface between different disciplines in line with the spirit of the Molecular Science Research Hub.

Marco is happy to support talented researchers interested in joining his team by providing guidance in writing fellowship and scholarship applications for funding bodies, such as the ones listed on the left sidebar.