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"Our ambition is to leverage Imperial’s thinking power and technology to transform the way we teach and learn"

Our vision for the future of the College is to fuse new educational and student-centred developments with innovative technology to transform our learning and teaching.

We are moving away from teaching based largely on traditional lecturing to become more interactive, work with our students as partners and create a diverse and inclusive student community on our campuses, aided by digital and online technology. We are also aiming to reach out to millions of prospective learners around the world.

Changing our on-campus pedagogy will be the foundation of this transformation and some of the tools to make it happen successfully will be provided by digital technology and will be developed by our educators.

There are three pillars to the digital strategy: 

Experience picExperience 

Digitally enhancing experience for teachers and learners, both on-campus and beyond.

innovation picInnovation 

Pioneering new ways of learning by developing thought-provoking and impactful learning and teaching technologies. 


extension picExtension 

Providing access to the Imperial learning experience beyond our campus, and impacting society at large through provision of digital learning which is open and accessible globally.