Mathematics for Machine Learning is an online specialization hosted on the learning platform Coursera.

I took this course to gain knowledge in Linear Algebra and understand more about the foundation of mathematics for machine learning. After taking this course, I have enough tools and knowledge to discover more about machine learning and artificial intelligence. "

Learner at the University of Vietnam, majoring in Mathematics

Imperial academics created bespoke content which was made available to learners all over the world via the platform.

Machine learning is a booming area, but many of the people looking to get involved do not have the mathematical skills and intuition needed to succeed comfortably. Taking an online approach means this course helps to meet a global demand for material which is not currently offered elsewhere, at a scale impossible with traditional teaching.

It will help working engineers develop their mathematical intuition, giving them the confidence to succeed in data science and machine learning. 

You can visit the course page on the coursera platform by clicking hereAlternatively, you can find the videos from the course on youtube, by following the below links for Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra.