Innovation picPioneering new ways of learning

Higher education institutions are undergoing a massive change as a result of the digital revolution. Imperial's strengths across innovation, technology and entrepreneurship position it perfectly to reinvent itself for the future. 

The Digital Learning Hub is bringing together teachers, students and creative professionals to explore new technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Our aim is to explore how these technologies can make education more innovative, interactive and most importantly more rewarding for students and teachers.

To discover the ways in which these technologies can benefit learning and teaching at Imperial College London, the Hub will build a portfolio of innovative projects, collaborating with both teachers and students. These projects will be both challening in the new tools they use, and further the understanding of how AR, VR and digital can be integrated into our education and pedagogy.

Find out about how we are driving innovations in education through the Digital Learning Hub: Immersive Technology Initiative.