Learner’s’ expectations of education are changing. At the same time, technology and digital tools are providing new ways of conveying information and sharing knowledge.

Fusing new educational and student-centred developments with innovative technology to transform our learning and teaching

Seamless integration of digital content into our teaching pre-, post- and during face-to-face interactive sessions with students opens up extraordinarily rich possibilities for enhancing the quality, effectiveness and fun of the learning experience."

Professor Alan Spivey

Assistant Provost (Learning & Teaching) and Professor of Synthetic Chemistry

 At the Digital Learning Hub, we provide support to create learning experiences that are augmented by technology and digital tools, and to create new educational technologies in collaboration with our teachers and learners. 

This means that when we approach the design of new programmes, we consider the use of technology from the start, working with teaching staff and learners throughout the process. Adopting an approach of co-creation, we can better explore how to use technology and digital tools in the most impactful way to enhance both the learning and teaching experience. 

We are also exploring how to use flexible, multi-functional teaching spaces which allow for the introduction of interactive learning tools, thereby allowing teachers to try out different approaches to their work.


Improving the student and teacher experience through digital learning means: 

  • Supporting departments to integrate digital elements throughout the curriculum. 
  • Improving and augmenting our existing digital and physical infrastructure. 
  • Forging closer connections and collaborations between our students and the rest of the world. 
  • Investing in research and evaluation to develop new evidence-based pedagogical insights.